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We offer a nice selection of captive bred exotic amphibians for sale online at discount prices. We carry a varied selection of handpicked imported amphibians to choose from as well.

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We work exclusively with a group of South Florida amphibian breeders to ensure high quality animals as well as a variety of rare color morphs. Due to the rarity of some of the exotic amphibians that we carry we sometimes import our animals. If you are looking to buy amphibians online you will find a pleasurable shopping experience here at xyzReptiles. Being located in South Florida gives us the unique opportunity to keep a portion of our amphibian product line outdoors, which ensures a healthier and more acclimated animal for your enjoyment. While we take great measures to ensure our animals are healthy and happy we do not guarantee live arrival due to the fact that temperatures during shipping are out of our control. That being said we do pack our amphibians with cold packs to make the trip as comfortable and safe as possible for your new pet.

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