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Tarantulas for Sale

When searching for a pet tarantula rest assured that the animals we have for sale are all captive bred and born and feeding before they are shipped. Our tarantulas for sale have been purchased from reliable breeders and have full abdomens unlike animals collected in the field and kept in substandard conditions. The spiders that you are getting are the exact same ones as described and when available they are sexed correctly.



Verified Customer Reviews

Macy Jacob
caldendar iconJune 18, 2019

I received my male super pastel on may 15th, and could not be happier. XYZ texted me directly after I ordered because my shipping and billing address did not match, and when that was quickly resolved, they updated me with the time the snake would be ... Read more

Britton Cook
caldendar iconJune 17, 2019

5 star service. Will shop here again. Fed ex sux cause they didn't deliver until 5pm and he was stressed. Striking at me a bit, but xyz was right there with me the whole time making sure things were ok. I've had my albino over a week and he's beautif... Read more

Matthew Wulfert
caldendar iconJune 16, 2019

WOW! What a great experience. I ordered my baby boa on Friday and she arrived Tuesday morning. She was packed nicely with a warm pack. When I saw her for the first time my mind was blown. She was much more beautiful than the pictures I requested. She... Read more

Christopher Ward
caldendar iconJune 14, 2019

Perfect start up kit for ball python. Love it!... Read more

Spiders for Sale

There are many sites with spiders for sale that offer animals not housed at their facilities. At xyzReptiles we offer a smaller variety of pet spiders and other arachnids but we do this in order to ensure the best quality and upkeep of the animals possible. Your pet spider will have been kept at the proper temperature in the proper substrate and will be shipped to you overnight with a live arrival guarantee.


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