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Frogs & Toads

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Frogs for Sale

Even though frogs are delicate animals by nature they make up a substantial part of the exotic pet industry. We carry a large variety of frogs for sale. We carry everything from the common and beautiful red eye tree frog to the most rare and exotic poison arrow frogs. Our frogs for sale are maintained in large screen and glass enclosures with ample flora to create a natural and therefore comfortable living environment. We strive to ensure that our customers receive quality animals, which is why we make sure that our animals are housed and fed properly.

Exotic Frogs:

There has been a surge in captive breeding of exotic frogs enabling us to bring you a wide variety of species and color morphs on a regular basis. We also utilize our relationships with some of our overseas partners to bring you a nice selection of rare frogs not usually found in the United States. Buying frogs online can be a difficult process due to their delicate nature that why we utilize proper packing procedure to minimize the impact of shipping on the animals.

Toads for Sale

While we do carry a large selection of frogs we also offer toads for sale. Our toad selection includes everything from the common to the exotic and rarely offered. Keeping toads is usually a part of growing up in the country for most kids. Now you can share in this experience by purchasing your very own pet toad from xyzReptiles today.

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