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Tarantulas for Sale

When searching for a pet tarantula rest assured that the animals we have for sale are all captive bred and born and feeding before they are shipped. Our tarantulas for sale have been purchased from reliable breeders and have full abdomens unlike animals collected in the field and kept in substandard conditions. The spiders that you are getting are the exact same ones as described and when available they are sexed correctly.



Verified Customer Reviews

Elise Macy
caldendar iconNovember 26, 2020

I picked up my hognose at the Fedex station because of cold weather. Snake is healthy and energetic. She adjusted well to her enclosure. Very pleased with my new buddy!... Read more

cody frazier
caldendar iconNovember 26, 2020

I ordered a pastel ghost and picked her up from the Fedex store. Was a little pissed at first but two days in she was adjusted and is now handling very well. Will repeat business here.... Read more

Perry Brewer
caldendar iconNovember 26, 2020

Everything was perfect. My snake arrived healthy. It is very docile and easy to handle. No issues at all. Thank you.... Read more

Jason DeCaro
caldendar iconNovember 23, 2020

You guys really out do yourselves with every order. The coloring on her is beautiful. She is perfect. This is by far the best site for professionalism and pythons.... Read more

Spiders for Sale

There are many sites with spiders for sale that offer animals not housed at their facilities. At xyzReptiles we offer a smaller variety of pet spiders and other arachnids but we do this in order to ensure the best quality and upkeep of the animals possible. Your pet spider will have been kept at the proper temperature in the proper substrate and will be shipped to you overnight with a live arrival guarantee.


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