Which Reptiles For Sale Are Right For You?

May 24th, 2018 by

It’s no secret that there are plenty of reptiles for sale waiting to be snatched up by an eager reptile lover. From bearded dragons to boas for sale, it’s hard not to find one that will catch your eye. With so many options, however, I can understand why someone would have a hard time deciding on just one. Here at xyzReptiles, we have a wide range of exotic reptiles for sale to accommodate the variety of reptile lovers, just like you!

Although you consider yourself a fanatic of reptiles, you should know that there are some reptile pets that may be more suitable for you depending on your own needs. With the variety of species comes a variety of temperament, handling requirements, and diet; for the most part, there are two things to consider when shopping for a new pet.

Low Maintenance

If you want something low maintenance, either because you have a demanding job or you’re just starting out as a reptile owner, ball pythons should be your go-to. Their calm demeanor makes them great for easy handling and weekly feedings mean less time cleaning and money spent. Check out all the spectacular ball python morphs we have available as well as our boas for sale.

High Energy

Lizards tend to be more interactive than snakes, although temperament really does depend on the reptile. If you’re looking for something that can move around a little faster, check out the bearded dragons or leopard geckos. They might surprise you with how entertaining and unique each individual reptile can be. With either of these choices, your days will be a little more uplifted.

Of course, there are several other factors to consider, but these small differences make a big impact on the day-to-day care of your reptile. Heating and lighting, enclosure necessities, and other requirements can vary, but knowing whether a reptile for sale is low maintenance or high energy lets you know how much of your time and energy will be needed. Choose accordingly.

Find Reptile Pets In On Place

Are you ready to make your move? Luckily, you can find your next reptile pets right here with xyzReptiles. We offer the highest quality reptiles for sale and guarantee the best shipping experience. Get your lighting and heating requirements here, too! Everything you need to make your reptile adventure seamless.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Boas For Sale

If I had to recommend a reptile for anyone, our boas for sale are reptiles you can’t miss out on! You can find dwarf, red tail, and sand boas- just be sure to research what they require and if you’re ready for one. Once you find the reptile for sale that is right for you, you’ll be happy you found them a xyzReptiles. 

How To Successfully Feed Exotic Lizards

May 17th, 2018 by

Exotic lizards make great pets. Depending on the reptiles for sale you prefer, you don’t even need much experience to own one for the first time. They provide a fun challenge to their owners and constantly surprise with their agility and personality. When it comes to their diet, however, not all lizards are alike. Their preferences and frequency can vary depending on size, age, and type. xyzReptiles offers a variety of exotic lizards for sale in great health. With the right diet, these healthy reptiles will live a long, happy  life.

Feeding Iguanas

The Blue Iguana is mostly a herbivore and relies mainly on flowers, fruit, and other plants. It’s not impossible to see a Blue Iguana eating different protein like crabs, fungi, or slugs; but it is rare. As babies, iguanas must be fed daily and misted each morning to encourage their appetite. The early stage is when including variety in their diet is important. Doing so will improve their development and help them grow properly. Also, remember that although it is possible for an iguana to develop a taste for common household snacks, resist the urge to feed them anything but dark leafy greens and fruit.

Feeding Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons have a more balanced diet that consists of both animals and plants. Their ratio, however, changes as they get older. When they’re young, beardies need more bugs than plants (about 80/20, respectively). By the time they’re adults, their dietary needs shift and become more plant-based than bugs and insects (80/20 respectively). Don’t be surprised if your beardie doesn’t take to vegetables right away. Continue insisting so that you help build a varied diet for your pet. Take note that when these exotic lizards are young, they may confuse substrate for food and accidentally ingest some. Because of this, you’ll want to feed the young ones away from substrate, possibly in a separate enclosure.

Feeding Geckos

The Leopard Gecko is all about the insects. You won’t have to worry about getting it any veggies or plants, just meal worms and crickets. Keep their feed small, avoiding mice, and give it a boost with a method called gut loading. This is a process where you give the insects a nutritious powdered diet before feeding it to you Leopard. There is another method called dusting where you take the insects and coat them with a dusting powder. These supplements are easy to give to your gecko and it will willingly lick up as much as its body needs.

Find These Exotic Lizards For Sale

With so many lizards for sale online, you should choose a trusted source that lets you buy lizards online with the confidence that they’re healthy and will exceed expectations. xyzReptiles has been the source for lizards for sale, including many types or rare and exotic lizards, for years. If you’re looking to buy lizards online, browse our selection and have it shipped to you safely.

The Mighty Leopard Gecko

July 30th, 2015 by

As one of the founding cornerstones of the reptile industry besides corn snakes and ball pythons, the leopard gecko have come a long way since their introduction into the pet trade. It wasn’t too long ago that the average leopard gecko looked like a dark spotted gecko with a light yellow or tan base color. They originate in Pakistan and are accustomed to dry arid conditions and have evolved to carry and reserve body fat in their tails to survive long harsh conditions with very little to no food. Through captive propagation and selective breeding these beautiful animals have developed into bright orange, white and yellow gems that look nothing like the wild type founder stocks.

The Leopard Gecko Back in the Day

I remember the first time that I saw an albino leopard gecko at the National Reptile Breeders Expo in Orlando Florida. This was back in the 90s and to see such a bright yellow and white banded creature was almost unreal. The individual who was responsible for creating this amazing animal had such a lucrative show that he ended up hiring Brinks security to escort him from the show at the days end. I also remember the first year that one of the large gecko breeders decided to change his leopard gecko set up from 6 foot cages containing up to forty females to small breeder tubs containing a 1 male to 4 female ratio. This simple move was so successful that the resulting production put out thousands of baby geckos and almost crashed the entire gecko market.

Leopard Gecko Morphs Today

Today there are many pattern and color morphs and combinations of the Leopard Gecko and people looking to buy leopard geckos are sure to find exactly what they are looking for. These amazing animals are friendly and can live into their late teens in captivity. Housing and breeding leopard geckos is so simple that most owners find themselves in business after producing and holding back a couple of years worth of baby geckos.
We carry a nice variety of baby and young adult leopard geckos and leopard gecko morphs and are always looking to expand our selection. If you have a group of leopard geckos for sale or know someone who does please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us bring more of these amazing pet geckos to our customers.