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California Kingsnakes For Sale

Our California kingsnakes for sale are healthy and feeding weekly. Cali Kings as they are known make for some of the best pet snakes you will find on the market. California kingsnakes are small constrictors that rarely grow over four feet in length. You can house them in a medium sized terrarium for their entire life span. Our baby California kingsnake morphs are available in a number of genetic combinations including the albino california king snake.    
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Erica Mutzbauer
caldendar iconMay 22, 2020

I had been looking everywhere for an Albino King Snake online and finally saw this! I got exactly what I ordered and he came so healthy and gorgeous 😍. This was my first time ordering online and I couldn't be happier THANK YOU!... Read more

I could not be happier. I've had so many bad experiences with places like reptmart and was expecting trouble. What I got was communication, professionalism, and a beautiful, healthy snake exactly when and where it was scheduled. I'm just not buying ... Read more


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