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Shop monitor lizards for sale at discount prices. We carry a broad range of captive borne farm raised monitor lizards from Africa, Asia and Australia for sale with same day Fast Shipping and Our live arrival guarantee! Being monitor enthusiasts ourselves helps ensure that we will always have a good selection of some rare and hard to find species including color morphs like albino, hypo and axanthic. Our monitor lizards are fed a proper diet and kept in large enclosures with adequate lighting, heating and ventilation.
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caldendar iconJuly 23, 2020

In very good shape and very active easy to handle.

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Monitor lizards come in a variety of sizes from the micro-monitors of Australia to the giants of Indonesia and Africa. Other than offering a wide selection of monitor species we also cater to the collector with a range of color morphs as well as a select group of one of a kind animals. When you are looking to buy monitor lizards online consider the fact that proper diet at an early stage can affect the life span and over all health of the animal. Here at we provide a varied diet of prepared foods as well as insects, fish and small rodents for our hatchling and juvenile monitor lizards. Calcium uptake is an important part of a young monitors development and nothing beats natural lighting for the best results. Many of our captive baby and juvenile monitors are kept in outdoor walk-in enclosures.


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