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Kenyan Sand Boa for Sale

Looking for a Kenyan sand boa for sale at a competitive price? We have a nice selection of sand boa morphs to choose from with overnight shipping and our live arrival guarantee! Our sand boas are all captive bred and born. They are feeding on both live and frozen-thawed pinkies at the time of purchase. They are sexed correctly and you will always get the morph that you have bought without exception.
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Verified Customer Reviews

Sylvia Malone
caldendar iconSeptember 10, 2021

I received my baby boy Wednesday curious and more beautiful than I expected… and I am COMPLETELY in love with him!! The pictures do no justice to his beauty. I have named him Snickers…he is sweet and very lively. He is getting used to his new sur... Read more

Rhonda Brock
caldendar iconSeptember 08, 2021

She is perfect 🥰 very gentle, and so pretty! I named her Ivy.

Anna Telford
caldendar iconApril 30, 2021

She is absolutely beautiful and I love her so much :) I can tell she came from a place she was very cared for and loved for. I can’t wait to learn more and more about her! Thank you so much xyzreptiles. I’ll definitely be coming to you guys for a... Read more

Ayden Brink
caldendar iconMarch 01, 2021

I ordered my sand boa after thoroughly researching everything I could. When it came down to it, xyzreptiles was just the best option. Through the processing and picking up of my order it was all super easy and very communicative.... Read more

Sand Boas for Sale

The best thing about a sand boa is how beautiful they look and the most convenient thing about sand boas is how small and manageable they are. At XYZReptiles we have a variety of sand boas for sale that are healthy and ready to be your next pet snake. At a maximum size of 30-36 inches sand boas are one of the smallest snakes with one of the biggest personalities.

Sand Boa Morphs

We have just expanded our boa page to include sand boa morphs as their very own category. These brightly colored and energetic subterranean snakes are all originally from Kenya. They have been bred through generations to include some of the fantastic morphs you see here. We are happy to announce that we are now carrying such great morphs as the Anery Sand Boa, the Albino Sand Boa, the Snow Sand Boa as well as the Striped Sand Boa and more.