Baby Albino Kenyan Sand Boa

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Species: Gongylophis colubrinus  Length: Approximately 8-10 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4305Categories:
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The baby albino Kenyan sand boa is a delightful small subterranean snake that originated in Kenya. They can reach an adult length of 16-30 inches. Our baby albino Kenyan sand boas for sale are healthy, feeding and make great pets!

3 reviews

  1. pizana2107 (verified owner)

    My baby arrived safely! She is seriously the cutest little snake ever. She is also very friendly. My small children have been handling her with no issues. She also is such a good eater. We love her so much!

  2. momdawg57 (verified owner)

    Hi Ya’ll,
    Just wanted to let you know my little lady arrived on time and boy is she a beautiful healthy little sausage, her coloring is awesome and love that little orange face.
    Thank You!!
    Will definitely be keeping an eye on XYZReptiles for Kenya Sand Boas!!

  3. wbjohnson22jr (verified owner)

    My baby Albino Kenyan Sand Boa Arrived on time, Alive , very Healthy and Beautiful. I could not be any more happier or satisfied. I will definitely be Purchasing from XYZReptiles again.

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