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Chameleons for Sale

Chameleons are a very interesting part of the animal kingdom and come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. They have the unique ability to look in two different directions at once and change color as well as shoot their tongues out farther than any other animal. At xyzReptiles we carry a large selection of chameleons for sale as part of our sizeable animal inventory. When you are looking for chameleons you have come to the right source for quality, selection and service.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Michael Goodwin
caldendar iconJanuary 13, 2022

Amazing, healthy and super customer service. Arrived in perfect condition. Will definitely be a repeat customer.... Read more

Roxanne Smith
caldendar iconJanuary 03, 2022

It's hard to find 10+ UVB bulbs. I have a Red Foot Tortoise that needs 10%-12% daily UVB. I've been using the 10s but I've been wanting to use something a bit higher since she gets limited outdoor access. My UVB tester shows that the bulbs do provide... Read more

caldendar iconDecember 31, 2021

Received my daughter's female cinnamon on Wednesday. She arrived alive and healthy, and was ready to explore right out of the box. She is a beautiful snake, and adjusted quickly to her new home. Eager to eat at her first feeding, she took a frozen/th... Read more

Hannah Campbell
caldendar iconDecember 31, 2021

He came in so fast. No other websites had a baby one except for xyz. My lil Drogon is a cute little baby. I love him and will order again!... Read more

Buy Chameleons Online

Before you buy chameleons online consider the housing that was used in keeping your future pet before you got delivery of said animal. We use large screen enclosures with ample airflow and plants for optimum chameleon health. We also keep our animals in natural light for the best possible results in temporary accommodations. Be sure to check our supplies page for dietary supplements to keep your chameleon happy and healthy for years to come.

Rare Chameleons

Color mutations in chameleons do exist but when you think of rare chameleons it is usually about localities and species of hard to find animals. We work with exporters as well as breeders to supply our customers with a large collection of chameleons to choose from. We will also be producing our own chameleon