Adult Veiled Chameleon

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Species: Chamaeleo calyptratus  Length: 9-11 inches Diet: insects Image: Representative Image SKU:A3201Categories:
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Each adult veiled chameleon for sale is from a healthy South Florida produced blood line that can be found on a year round basis. Adult veiled chameleons are large and friendly making them a very popular pet lizard. You may also want to take a look at some of the other pet lizards for sale that we offer.

5 reviews

  1. mydogdaffy

    Arrived in Great Condition. Great coloring. Had a good appetite. Didn’t mind me holding it. Climbed up my arm. Awesome pet. Will recommend this company. Once I find out what I got I want to order a mate.

  2. Wendy Harrell (verified owner)

    Our guy arrived perfect. Awesome colors. Was able to hold him, and he ate and drank. Would recommend to anyone. Thank you great seller!

  3. Scott Hicks (verified owner)

    I got my Chameleon In the mail yesterday, he arrived in perfect condition. He was very active and he ate some super worms and drank a lot of water. I named him Geezer and he is going to be an amazing pet. is where I will be buying my pets and equipment. I am very impressed thank you for the fast shipping and the service take care.

  4. Sara Buchholz-Haddon (verified owner)

    Arrived in perfect condition

  5. Sara Buchholz-Haddon (verified owner)

    Arrived alive and in perfect condition

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