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Pastel Ball Python for Sale

Looking for a Pastel Ball Python for sale? We have it and many morphs to choose from. Our Pastel Ball Pythons are feeding at time of purchase and we offer our Live Arrival Guarantee & same day Fast Shipping!
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Verified Customer Reviews

Stephan Hall
caldendar iconApril 29, 2021

We have had our pastel genetic stripe for about 2 weeks now, and so far he’s been a very chill and relaxed snake. He hasn’t even tried striking at me once yet. He was also very calm with in the first few days of having him and I haven’t had any... Read more

malena Beierle
caldendar iconApril 24, 2021

He came healthy and is beautiful. Very calm and loves to explore. Very happy!

Jaden Ferre
caldendar iconApril 23, 2021

Don’t love how dark his head is but he’s super active and has really nice color. Definitely buying the next one from here!... Read more

caldendar iconApril 17, 2021

Another beautiful python delivered healthy and safely.

Pastel Ball Python

There isn’t enough that can be said about the Pastel Ball Python. First of all it’s one of the first mutations that was ever reproduced and the first to be proven to have a super form. Since then it has been essential in making almost any combination better looking and has been key in making some great looking ball pythons including the Bumblebee, Pewter, Blast and Pastel Calico. This morph is the essential cornerstone of many breeding projects and is a great looking snake by itself.

Some of the defining characteristics of the morph include a faded lilac or purple head color, a pastel yellow faded side and in most cases green colored eyes. We have had the great fortune of being close friends with the originators of the first two pastel lines and have also produced our own line called the Citrus Pastel. With over 18 years of breeding potential and connections we have brought you a section that will always be the biggest on our site. Let us help you find the perfect Pastel or Pastel combo for you.