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Our pet turtles for sale are produced in captivity, kept and raised in optimal conditions. Here at XYZReptiles we have the privilege of working with some of the industry’s leading turtle producers to ensure you are getting a quality pet turtle.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Lee Dewitt
caldendar iconMay 05, 2021

Just my albino black pastel. He is in good health and is beautiful. I love him and I'm very happy!... Read more

Nathan Delong
caldendar iconMay 03, 2021

I got my Banana Ball Python in the mail about 6 days ago. The little guy is beautiful! I love his coloring even more in person than from the pictures. He arrived happy and healthy. He took two small mice, two days after receiving him, with no problem... Read more

She came in beautiful condition. Shipping was quick and easy. Her overall health and disposition is great. No complaints here, I will definitely shop with XYZ in the future.... Read more

Shelby Grimm
caldendar iconMay 01, 2021

My male Russo arrived healthy and happy. I let him settle for a day or two and he is so comfortable being handled and fed. I will ABSOLUTELY recommend and use XYZReptiles in the future. 5 stars for species quality. 🖤... Read more

Buy Turtles Online

Our animals come from outdoor pens that are irrigated with a constant flow of natural ground water. The correct environment makes for a healthy and strong turtle. Our breeders and our offspring are fed a healthy mixture of Mazuri turtle and crocodilian feeds as well as vegetation.

When you are going to buy turtles online you want an enjoyable online shopping experience. Whether you are on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. We provide a mobile friendly website for our customers to buy turtles online and other animals from all of these devices. In order to correctly identify the species of turtles that you our customers are purchasing we made sure to include high-resolution clear images of our animals.

Rare Turtles

While most websites are happy to sell common turtles and terrapins we are always striving to provide one of a kind and had to find rare turtles for sale. You can find first time offered rare turtles on our site . We also offer a select number of hard to find and exotic turtles on a year round basis. The last few years have been great for finding and cultivation color mutations of most turtle species. We are proud to offer some of these mutations as part of our regular inventory.

Note: In accordance with FDA regulations, turtles and tortoises less than 4 inches listed on our web site are offered expressly for educational, scientific or export purposes only. They are not sold for use as pets.

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