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Frozen Rodents

Shop quality frozen rodents with expidited shipping with ease. Our frozen rodents for sale are an excellent food source for various reptile species. Find the perfect size meal for your reptile pets at XYZReptiles.
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Verified Customer Reviews

caldendar iconSeptember 23, 2021

I love how it comes in the reseal package. I haven't used any yet. I will this Friday and I’m sure it is all I need. It came in a styrofoam package with dry ice and it was so frozen. I will be buying these again.... Read more

Rachel Precichi
caldendar iconSeptember 17, 2021

Day 2 on having my ball phyton and she ate this little pinky right up! Good stuff!... Read more

Finding Frozen Rodents For Sale Online

You may be able to find frozen rodents for sale online from various companies but rest assured ours are of the highest quality. With our fast shipping and high quality standards we ensure you receive a quaility food source for your reptile friends. We even offer multiple shipping services and days to ensure you receive your oder in a timely matter that fits your schedule. Our site is safe and secure and uses the latest technologies enabling you to shop with confidence.

Frozen Rodents For Snakes And Lizards

We offer a range of  frozen rodents for snakes as well as lizards such as monitors. It is important to ensure that you animals are getting the correct size meal. By offering a range of rodent sizes in both rats and mice we are able to aid you in finding that correct meal size. We also provide informatino on the correct size you will need to get for our specific animals. Many times new pet owners will try to feed an incorrect size meal, that is to small or to large. For instance needs of our baby colubrids are very different from other constrictors such as ball pythons and boas. Information like knowing that that most of our baby colubrids will eat frozen pinkies, while ball pythons and boas will eat medium mice will help ensure you have a happy and healthy pet.