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There are many options for feeding your pet snake or pet lizard. Furthermore these choices cover a variety of food sources both live and frozen thawed. Frozen rats are one of the best choices in raising a happy and healthy reptile pet. We offer  a range of feeder sizes from pinkies to smalls.

These frozen feeder rats are an excellent meal source for various reptile species. If your pets have an appetite for a different type of food you may want to check out our frozen mice as well.


SizeApprox. WeightSuggested Use
 Small50-75 gramsSub adult: boas, female ball pythons Adult: male ball pythons
 Medium90-140 gramsAdult: female ball pythons, male boas
 Large175-250 gramsAdult: female boas, blood pythons
 Jumbo275+ gramsAdult: female boas, female bloods, large pythons

Why Frozen Feeder Rats

The best thing about frozen feeder rats is the hassle free experience it provides. From ordering to receiving to storing and finally using them, the entire experience is as simple as it can be. Frozen rats come in a variety of sizes and can be used as a healthy meal for the smallest snakes to the largest lizards.

In addition, our frozen feeder rats are available in a 10 or 20 packs. This makes it easy to get the correct quantity depending on the number of animals being fed. The size of the animals being fed will be a factor as well.

Using frozen feeder rats for snakes is an easy choice. The smallest size we offer is the pinky rat. This size is ideal for all baby pythons and boas as well as for most yearling corn snakes, milk snakes, king snakes and sand boas.

If you have a larger reptile pet then some of the larger rat sizes will do the job. A small rat is a suitable meal for most sub adult pythons and boas as well as some adult monitor lizards.

These days most things are available for sale online and this also includes frozen rodents. Therefore if you are looking for frozen rats for sale then we have a nice variety of sizes to offer you. We will be offering a subscription program to allow our customers to auto refill order to save time and money.

To sum up, check out our growing selection of frozen feeders for sale including mice and rats.

1 review

  1. woodlandswaterworksinc (verified owner)

    Day 2 on having my ball phyton and she ate this little pinky right up! Good stuff!

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