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Colubrids for Sale

Our captive bred colubrids for sale include milk snakes, king snakes, hognose snakes as well as corn snakes and many more. These brightly colored and patterned colubrid snakes are generally small to medium in length and slender bodied. The variety of environments they come from and the differences in localities of the same species make them a unique pet snake.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Clay Brown
caldendar iconSeptember 14, 2019

Little guy arrived healthy and ate the very next day. I’ve had her for about two months now and she has beautiful colors and eats wonderfully for me. Adorable personality’s. 5 stars for the snake and 5 stars for the amazing costumer service xyz h... Read more

Robert Towarnick
caldendar iconSeptember 12, 2019

My Pueblan Milk Snake is Absolutely Beautiful! It arrived promptly and packaged Great! It has settled in to its enclosure after 2 days and is out at night on the hunt! This is My 4th Snake I have purchased from XYZ and All very healthy! I will contin... Read more

Hilda Hui
caldendar iconSeptember 01, 2019

Got my first, dream snake an MBK from xyz reptiles. Arrived next day morning with proper packaging. She is lively and nervous, rattling tail nonstop upon arrival for the first day. Calmed down, curious and docile in two days. Very relaxed and curious... Read more

Tricia Wharton
caldendar iconAugust 31, 2019

Our Nelson milk snake arrived healthy and with great care. I appreciated the specific history and care instructions that came with her. My daughter was happy to have her exact birth date. I definitely recommend XYZ and will use them again. My only co... Read more

Colubrids for Sale Online

Although there are many colubrids on the reptile market today. At xyzReptiles we offer our customers the best and most sought-after colubrid snakes for sale online. With our access to many of the top breeders in the industry we can bring you rare and exotic pet snakes from the colubrid class.


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