Black Corn Snake

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Species: Pantherophis guttatus  Sex: Unsexed Length: Approximately 14-16 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4723Categories:
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The black corn snake is a recessive anerythristic mutation which is a lack of red coloration. This makes the snake black and white in appearance. Therefore, they are also commonly known as an anery corn snake. Our baby black corn snakes for sale are captive and born. Each one has been fed multiple times before being available for sale. They are feeding on both live and frozen thawed pinky mice on a regular once a week schedule.

You will receive a card with your shipment that details information about your new pet. This includes the date of birth, feeding schedule and the food item for every black corn snake we sell. At XYZReptiles we do carry a variety of corn snakes that can be found in our corn snakes section.

Corn snake care is the same for every baby we sell regardless of the color and pattern mutation. Our suggestion for keeping baby corn snakes happy and healthy is to start with a small ten-gallon terrarium. Once set up you can use our baby corn snake habitat to get everything you need for the inside of the terrarium.

This includes a small under-tank heating pad, a hide spot, a water bowl, bedding, moss, a decorative vine, a digital thermometer, and a collapsible snake hook for safe handling of your new pet. When your box arrives, you need to let your baby black corn snake adjust to its new environment before handling it. This can take from 2-5 days depending on the individual snake.

Black Corn Snake Care

Care for this corn snake morph is very similar to that of most other colubrids. We recommend keeping our baby black corn snakes for sale in a small terrarium equipped with a reptile heating pad. You can use either aspen bedding or coconut bark bedding for the enclosure. Use either a small hide spot and a small water bowl or maybe the water bowl and hide combination that we offer.

Another item that all reptile tanks need is a digital thermometer to assess the temperature for safety. You can find all these products in our corn snake habitat. Finally baby corn snakes need a meal of a frozen thawed pinky or fuzzy mouse every 4-7 days. They have a high metabolism and therefore need more meals than a boa or python would.

If you are unsure if a corn snake is the right pet for you this article may help.

3 reviews

  1. Travis Mccurry (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with giving this company my business! Made an error on my order and they promptly contacted me to work out the issue. To say their customer service was top notch would be an understatement. Got the snake the next day still nice and toasty, even with the inclimate weather we’ve been experiencing. Will definitely be referring and using this company again!

  2. David Kelly (verified owner)

    Very pleased with her. She arrived on Wed. and even though it was a cold day she was well packed with a heat pack, very warm and alert. She is a real beauty. Very friendly and content when being handled. First feeding went off perfectly and I love her to death. This makes the second snake we have bought from here and when the time comes there will definitely be a third. I highly recommend for anyone looking to buy a snake to look them up…

  3. Brooklyn McMurtry (verified owner)

    Absolutely stunning 3 month old arrived this past Wednesday and he was so easy to handle from the get go and hasn’t displayed any signs of stress since he’s arrived. We kept to his feeding schedule (today first feeding) and he ate like a champ without any complications! So very happy with our purchase and will definitely be coming back when we decide to expand our reptile family, especially with the convenient sezzle pay it out option!

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