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Is a corn snake the right reptile pet for me?

After having been the owner operator of a reptile store for over twenty years some questions become a rhythmic everyday part of what we hear and what we have to answer. A frequently asked question is whether or not a snake is the right pet for a child and more often than not which type of snake.

After many years of repeated test with the same result it is obvious that a corn snake is the right reptile pet for beginner reptile enthusiasts. With their small size and docile temperament baby and juvenile corn snakes are the perfect pet snake for kids as young as five years old.

We always recommend adult supervision while handling and caring for snakes but knowing that a small slender snake that rarely strikes and can never injure a child is a good way to get kids interested in the hobby.

Are corn snake morphs a good choice as a pet

Like many other reptile species available for sale today corn snakes come in a variety of colors and patterns. Starting originally as locality specimens like the Miami Phase and Okeetee Corn Phase, Red Rat Snake mutations have blossomed into a huge part of the pet colubrid trade.

Today’s corn snake morphs include many rare and expensive traits like the scaleless corn, the palmetto corn and the orchid stripe corn. These animals are all the same when it comes to handling, care and adult size so other than a preference for color and pattern you should be able to find the right animal to suit your reptile pet needs.

Where to find corn snakes for sale

Even though there are still a small number of field collected corn snakes for sale out there, most of the animals you see and especially the animals that are for sale are exclusively captive born and healthy. The number one concern with corn snakes is getting them feeding as hatchlings but once they have had a few meals they are almost indestructible.

The ideal terrarium size for baby corn snakes is ten gallons and as adults they rarely need a space larger than a forty gallon breeder tank. At XYZReptiles we have teamed up with a longtime friend who produces a nice number of visually distinct corn snake morphs on a year around basis and we will be offering these and many more healthy animals for sale on our dedicated corn snake category.

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