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The Crested Gecko vs the Gargoyle Gecko as Pets

Gargoyle Gecko

There are a few givens in the world of herpetoculture and designer Reptile trends seem to be a reliable part of the industry at this point. Over the years many different species have enjoyed the limelight whether it be a giant python or a voracious frog or a secretive gecko. As of late the two stars of New Caledonian geckos the Crested Gecko and the Gargoyle Gecko seem to be vying for the attention of the public at reptile shows, at reptile shops and in breeding facilities across the United States and abroad. We are going to look a little closer at these two medium sized friendly geckos and see which one makes for the better gecko as a pet.

The Benefits of Having a Crested Gecko as a Pet

Right off the bat the crested gecko as a pet has an advantage of availability and price over the gargoyle gecko. Crested geckos were thought to be extinct in the wild until the mid-90s and as they became available to breeders they started to make an instant splash in the herp world. Their friendly smiling faces and gentle demeanor make them a lovable and easy to care for pet reptile. They are easy to feed a variety of insect and fruit based diets as well as the easy to find Repashy Crested Gecko diet. Their inability to regrow their tail once they are dropped is the only drawback to this species but even the strange looking specimens without tails are adorable and sweet.

The Benefits of Having a Gargoyle Gecko as a Pet

Unlike the Crested geckos the gargoyle geckos as a pet are harder to find and also command a higher price when you do find them for sale. Luckily there are a few different gargoyle gecko morphs for sale on the market today and that leaves the door open for more exotic looking animals to be produced and available in the near future. Unlike the crested gecko the prehensile tail of the gargoyle gecko will regenerate should it ever drop off. Much like the crested geckos, the gargoyle geckos enjoy interaction with their keepers and have no issues with frequent gentle handling. They are also great with a varied diet of insects, fruit purees and Repashy powder diets.

Finding these Exotic Geckos for Sale

Once you have done some research and decided which gecko is the right exotic reptile pet for you it is time to acquire the components to put together the perfect setup. Most keepers choose tall glass terrariums with ample plant coverage and access to misting or revolving fountains. The terrarium should have a clearing for access to food dishes that need to be cleaned regularly to keep spoilage to a minimum. After you have set up the right environment for your new pet it is time to look for these exotic geckos for sale. At xyzReptiles we have a small selection of Repashy line high colored adult Gargoyle Geckos for sale and will be adding some juvenile geckos as well as a nice variety of Crested geckos in the coming weeks.

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