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The history of the mysterious green tree python

The Green Tree Python (Morelia viridis) is an arboreal constrictor found throughout Queensland Australia, the Indonesian and New Guinea halves of Papua as well as a few surrounding islands. Reaching an average adult size of 5 to 6 feet with the females being the larger and heavier specimens, these beautiful slender-bodied pythons are one of the crowd favorites and a must have for most herp enthusiasts. Most people have a misunderstanding of the species with the belief that they cannot be held or handled and that they are mean and aggressive snakes. This could not be further from the truth as we have kept and sold many specimens that were as tame as most adult colubrids.

The Beautiful Green Tree Python as a Reptile Pet

In reality many of the Green Tree pythons sold as pets have either been bred in captivity here in the United States or have come from farms in Indonesia where they have been captively produced for generations. The reason behind this is the fact that by law any animal being exported from Indonesia must be a second generation captive and there are no exports of any native species out of Australia. In fact due to over collecting in the past there are very few animals left in the wild in Australia and they command a higher price there than they do here. This reality has led to the captive production and regular availability of quality Green Tree Pythons being offered on a regular basis as a reptile pet that you can count on.

Finding the Right Green Tree Python for Sale

Finding the right Green Tree Python for sale has never been easier. Once you have decided on the locality you are going to work with it is simply a matter of preference as to what you will be doing with your pet snake that dictates what sex or size you should go with. As future breeders it is always important to get your breeding stock from reliable sources that can guarantee the sex and the locality of the animals that you are getting. Even though different animals from far flung regions have been crossed and even animals such as Carpet Pythons have been bred with the Green Tree Python, keeping the lines pure and intact is important. Also having an animal that is past the fussy neonate stage is important especially if you are a first time tree snake keeper. At xyzReptiles we have teamed up with a very reliable overseas farm and also work with a handful of local breeders that can stand behind the genetics and health of the snakes for sale that we offer our customers.

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