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Reptile Bedding and Substrates

A very important part of a reptile setup is the correct reptile bedding.  The right choice makes a huge difference in your reptiles health and comfort. Most importantly the right reptile substrate means having proper humidity levels. This helps with proper shedding and growth cycles. We have a growing number of different bedding materials available at xyzReptiles. We make sure that you have the correct one for your reptile pet. If you are looking for cheap reptile bedding it helps that most of our options are priced below five dollars per bag. Because an affordable bedding is the first step in making sure you can replace it regularly. In conclusion we are here to help you make the correct choice for your specific reptile pet.
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Verified Customer Reviews

Alyssa Bolinger
caldendar iconDecember 04, 2020

Awesome substrate! Works great in my tank!!

Catherine Graves
caldendar iconNovember 07, 2020

I love this bedding! I have used it for every reptile I have had.

Kristin rosser
caldendar iconJune 25, 2020

I love this stuff, its great!

Anthony Howell
caldendar iconJune 06, 2020

Used this for my isopods in my ball python enclosure. Packaging was great, shipping was fast and they look amazing in my tank.... Read more


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