Premium Coconut Fiber Substrate

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  • Dust free and non-allergenic
  • Contains and holds humidity without molding
  • Made from all natural materials
  • No added dyes for preservatives
  • Ideal for tropical and semi tropical pets
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XYZReptiles premium coconut fiber substrate is a dust free and non-allergenic choice for reptile keepers. Coconut fiber is a natural material that contains and keeps humidity without molding. Coconut fiber bedding is a perfect choice for people who have tropical or semi tropical lizards and snakes.

Our coconut fiber bedding is all natural and has no added dyes or added preservatives. It is properly packed to ensure that one 4 quart bag is all you need for a 10 gallon setup. Keepers who have reptiles from a dryer climate may want to consider our premium aspen bedding as a choice.

Coconut Fiber Substrate Key Benefits

  • Dust Free
  • Non-Allergenic
  • Holds Humidity
  • Easy to Clean
  • All Natural Material
  • No Added Dyes or Preservatives

We recommend:

4 Quarts for a 10 gallon habitat

8 Quarts for a 20 gallon habitat

12 Quarts for a 30 gallon habitat


2 reviews

  1. robinbeizai (verified owner)

    I love the XYZ coconut fiber. It’s not as chunky as other brands. Perfect for my big and little snakes.

  2. tyesmomma09 (verified owner)

    I love this stuff, its great!

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