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Red Tail Boa for Sale

Finding a red tail boa for sale is a cinch at xyzReptiles. We have a dedicated section now to offer you captive born baby red tail boas from a variety of country localities including Suriname, Guyana, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia. Our baby boas are captive born and bred right here in the United States and are never imported wild caught animals. A red tail boa for sale from us will be a healthy and beautiful specimen that is feeding regularly and free of parasites. Check out our section on red tail boas to see what we have to offer you today.
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Verified Customer Reviews

James Moore
caldendar iconSeptember 14, 2019

When I got my male columbian boa his heat pack was cold but he showed up alive and curious. I am pleased with him. He is not head shy and also has had his first feed so all in all I am happy with my purchase. My girlfriend said she was not a big fan ... Read more

Jeffery Ball
caldendar iconSeptember 14, 2019

I cannot praise XYZ enough. I want to say my baby female hypo boa came exactly as expected, but I can't. She didn't. She is so much better than I could have imagined. She is beautiful, healthy, active and vibrant. She is perfect. The pictures do no j... Read more

Nate Galli
caldendar iconAugust 26, 2017

First time buying from xyzReptiles and I am very pleased! My female Motley Boa arrived fast and safe. She is healthy and looks amazing thanks so much! I will definitely be buying from here again in the near future! Thanks again so very much.... Read more

caldendar iconAugust 03, 2017

I ordered a albino boa constrictor from XYZ reptiles; by far this was the best and cleanest looking snake that I added to my collection of boa constrictors. The skin on the snake is flawless and the price I paid was an excellent price and I will most... Read more

Red Tail Boa Constrictor

The red tail boa constrictor is a medium to large sized snake from the northern parts of South America. They can get to an impressive adult size of eleven feet in length or more. They all have a beautiful silver or grey body pattern with different tones of rusty to deep red in their tails. In the wild the red tail boa constrictor is known to inhabit forested areas where they spend their baby and juvenile years living in the trees. As they mature they will spend more time on the ground where they will wait by animal trails in order to ambush prey.

Red Tail Boas for Sale

Red tail boas are known for their docile nature and have been a part of the captive exotic pet trade for decades. Because of their size and nature as well as their beautiful pattern and color, red tail boas have been imported into the United States dating all the way back to the 1800’s. At xyzReptiles our red tail boas for sale are exclusively animals that have been bred here by us or by a small network of our friends and colleagues. Due to strict quality control we will not always have the entire list of localities available but you can be assured that the red tail boas for sale we offer are of the highest quality and health at the time of purchase.


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