Baby Boa Constrictor For Sale

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Species: Boa constrictor imperator Length: Approximately 18-22 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A8301Categories:
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If you are looking for a baby boa constrictor for sale you have come to the right place. Our baby boa constrictors also go by the names Columbian boa or Columbian red tail boa. They are beautiful and can make a great pet snake for enthusiasts of various ages.

Our Colombian red tail boa constrictors are approximately 18-20 inches. Adult males normally range from 5-6 feet and females normally range 7 to 9 feet in length. They are a favorite in the pet trade amongst reptile enthusiasts for their robust adult size.

We do carry other red tail boas for sale including the hypo, albino, sunglow and other popluar morphs. You will only find these morphs in stock from time to time though.

Our Colombian boa constrictors for sale can become great pets with some time and handling. Looking for a baby boa constrictor for sale that stays a bit smaller?  You may want to look at our Central American or dwarf boas as they are known. They tend to max out at a very managable 3 to 5 feet.

  • Country of origin: Colombia
  • Baby/Juvenile 18-20 inches
  • Adult males 5-6 feet and females 7-9 feet
  • Feeding on medium mice


166 reviews

  1. Brian Guevara (verified owner)

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, healthy, active and alert baby boa. I couldn’t be happier. I cannot express how beautiful this animal is.

  2. dakkotah.perkins06 (verified owner)

    Snake is absolutely beautiful and he appears very healthy. I’m very pleased with the service and the reliability. Overall just a great process.

  3. damajah7 (verified owner)

    Came as promised and the snake is beautiful.

  4. delrae.smith (verified owner)

    My boa came the next day and she was delivered 2 hours early. She let us hold her with no problems. She came perfectly packaged as well adn I was informed of when she was born.

  5. courtenymyers91 (verified owner)

    Our boa came in yesterday. He was delayed another night mid-shipping and still arrived perfectly, although a little cold but that couldn’t be helped. He hasn’t acted defensively at all and is in perfect health. We are absolutely in love.

  6. littlecarrot312 (verified owner)

    She came in perfectly packaged. It was nice that they gave a note about what day she eats and when she was born. In the future I’m gonna get a central american boa from here!

  7. teacher.fuller (verified owner)

    The customer service from XYZ was excellent, even for a last minute shipping change. The female boa arrived in excellent shape exactly as advertised. I really appreciate the info card. It had the birth data, feeding regimen, and other pertinent information to make her transition to our class smooth and full of health. I’ll certainly be back!

  8. lilsweetpeako (verified owner)

    When he arrived he looked great and was properly packaged. When we got him home he was super friendly and very active. I would recommend 10 out of 10 for this breeder. He’s doing great since we got him on Wednesday and he has let us handle him multiple times. I’ve even let my six-year-old handle him with 0 problems and honestly we just love him to death already.

  9. Chris Makulik (verified owner)

    I ordered my female red tail and it came in right on time days later. She is in amazing shape, and very friendly. I was very surprised at how well she did especially just recently going through shipping! Highly recommended!

  10. ryanthurston60 (verified owner)

    Our new boa arrived safe and unharmed on time! We are very happy with our purchase and look forward to doing more business with XYZ in the future!

  11. kylen1093 (verified owner)

    It came in fast, the packaging was excellent and the snake was perfectly healthy upon arrival. It is doing amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  12. glenncrisp75 (verified owner)

    The whole experience has been great. I received my boaa in excellent health. He is so active and is doing amazing. I will for sure be buying from XYZ again in the future.

  13. Snakesrcool (verified owner)

    My teenage son has wanted a snake for a very long time, we finally decided it was time and he was old enough to care for it. Zeus is a wonderful addition to our mini zoo! He is calm, healthy and active. He is also loving his bioactive terrarium. Thank you for the lovely snak, he’s beautiful!

  14. rsajr7 (verified owner)

    I got my baby red tail boa as scheduled. She is a Beautiful snake and I will definitely buy for xyzreptiles again. She’s growing and eating on a weekly basis.

  15. Rocco Crifasi (verified owner)

    Love my new boa constrictor. She’s the perfect weight. The packaging was perfect and I would definitely recommend them!

  16. lolikannachanpi (verified owner)

    I’m a first time buyer and let me tell you that this is an amazing place. You should totally order from here. My boa came in amazing condition and is very friendly.

  17. jaylanlinton15 (verified owner)

    Awesome reptile.

  18. estewart905 (verified owner)

    I ordered a Columbian Red Tail Boa. It was shipped and arrived in less than 24hrs. The snake was super relaxed and is absolutely beautiful! He is already accustomed to handling and well tempered. I highly recommend this company! The customer service is quick and very friendly!

  19. aosborn85 (verified owner)

    First time buyer, I ordered a female red tail boa. She is beautiful and I will be ordering again!

  20. curtisreynolds74 (verified owner)

    This is the first snake that I purchased from them and it wont be the last! My male boa showed on time and in good health. The big part for me is how docile he is and very active! Thanks xyzreptiles.

  21. kaylaworthey16 (verified owner)

    This is the 2nd snake that we have purchased and everything was perfect. The baby was packaged perfectly and labeled, was warm and arrived next day by 11am. I had paperwork on the baby that informed me of birthrate as well as feeding day. It was all perfect and the baby ate the day after we received him.

  22. Anthony Wright (verified owner)

    Fast processing and shipping. The snake was safely packaged to insure minimal damage to him….will definitely use XYZ in future.

  23. dhgreever (verified owner)

    My order was processed easily. My boa is beautiful and exactly as was advertised. He is perfect and I will be ordering again.

  24. econner49 (verified owner)

    My first boa from you guys and it won’t be my last. Very healthy and active snake. I plan on getting another one soon. I am very happy with my purchase.

  25. e88ie (verified owner)

    Love my eautiful little guy. On time develiry, great communication and a very helpful staff. An all around great experience. My second boa will be from xyzreptile, not doubt.

  26. bisoto1985 (verified owner)

    I recieved my boa on time as described, my reptile was happy, receptive, very curious-(all good signs btw ) beautiful product delieved. I recommend this seller 100%, they’re method of communication was effective and direct, also the fact that they give you the option to break up your payments is a great quality and builds trust amongst seller and buyer.
    Thank you xyz reptiles

  27. kval5302 (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful snake, arrived healthy and is acclimating very well. This is my second purchase from XYZ (the last being my ball python about 5 years ago) and it will certainly not be my last. Love my new boy!

  28. leonardr331 (verified owner)

    I ordered a female boa. She was delivered extremely fast. Beautiful and healthy!

  29. noahthefun (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. Received in strong packaging the next day midday with all precautions. Found the lovely critter in its bag, easily opened it and placed her in her new enclosure.

  30. bradh24 (verified owner)

    I’m very happy and excited to have a beautiful red tail boa. The customer service was great! They contacted me bout shipping due to weather and they even searched for the closest hub to deliver to. They asked if that was ok as it was only 15 min away. Thank you for the beautiful red tail. I’ll definitely be ordering again soon.

  31. nightwolf61275 (verified owner)

    Quick delivery and very beautiful snake. Definitely will be buying from you guys again!

  32. ornahtanay (verified owner)

    This is my third snake from XYZReptiles. Love her, very docile, very sweet and she’s gorgeous! Got here on time. The only thing is I wish they would’ve put my sticker in my the box but ok It’s cool thank you XYZREPTILES!

  33. michaelearl1964 (verified owner)

    Second one I’ve bought and it came in 16 hrs. Was eating 30 minutes later and snuggling with his new girlfriend an hour later .

  34. ornahtanay (verified owner)

    This is my third snake from XYZReptiles. Love her, very docile, very sweet and she’s gorgeous! Got here on time. The only thing is I wish they would’ve put my sticker in my the box but ok It’s cool thank you XYZ.

  35. kingstoney718 (verified owner)

    Good purchase!

  36. Anthony Thomas (verified owner)

    Fast delivery and beautiful, healthy snake! It arrived the next day as they said it would. Went through 1 week and a feeding, everything went well. Would highly recommend! Thanks XYZreptiles!

  37. lemasterchris40 (verified owner)

    Very impressed with my baby boa. She showed up on time and is healthy as can be! I cant wait to watch her grow.

  38. Jeffery Ward (verified owner)

    Arrived safe, alive and alert! Super curious little guy. Great communication from xyz about weather in my area and delivery options. 100% recommend.

  39. Samanthia Coffey (verified owner)

    My beautiful girl is happy in her new home and I am more then happy with the care these guys have for their animals. I absolutely love the card she came with. Best breeder I have seen by far. I was going to ask what size mouse- rat she is on and what day you feed but I was surprised when I opened her to see all that info PLUS HER BIRTH MONTH AND YEAR. Definitely the best place I have ordered any reptile from and I will definitely be back for more. I am more than impressed with the care and info they provide so perfectly. Thank y’all soooo much and much respect 💯❤️

  40. Rudy Zubia (verified owner)

    Another beautiful, healthy snake from XYZreptiles!

  41. Rudy Zubia (verified owner)

    Both of our baby boas made it home safe and sound. They are healthy and alert. Thank you again XYZ staff for all your hard work on producing and keeping beautiful reptiles.

  42. Kristopher Kloehn (verified owner)

    Wonderful service and they obviously care about the well-being of their animals. I’ve ordered 2 boas and they are beautiful and in great health. I strongly recommend XYZ to everyone that asks about ordering reptiles.

  43. aahall1227 (verified owner)

    My boa showed up when she was supposed to. She was very much alive and healthy. I am very happy with my little girl!

  44. Steve Warmerdam (verified owner)

    Baby boa arrived as advertised, safe and sound. Very cute, seems quite healthy.

  45. jacobward328 (verified owner)

    Snake came in well nourished. Beautiful hints of peach on the sides. No problem getting her to eat a fuzzy the day after tank acclimation. The buy now pay later option helped me get one of my favorite snakes and xyz is the only site I know doing that right now. Will definitely be purchasing another snake from them in the near future!

  46. Kristopher Kloehn (verified owner)

    Got my baby boa and she is simply beautiful! No trouble getting her to eat, she is very curious and super friendly. The service with XYZ has been fantastic. Very satisfied customer!

  47. sylphdio (verified owner)

    My baby boa is beautiful. She arrived a bit cold and was happy to explore her tank for the warmest spot. She’s being left alone for her acclimation period for the next few days, but she ate immediately when offered her first mouse, relieving my first time snake owner stress immensely. Thanks xyz for such a beautiful girl.

  48. Rene Hernandez (verified owner)

    XYZReptiles has the best customer service. They keep in contact with you all the way until your reptile reaches you. Reptiles come with proper packaging for their best comfort. This is my fourth reptile order with xyz and great customer service every time, ten out of ten! My reptiles always come full of energy and you can tell xyz love and care for the animals they sell and what they do. I will always recommend them to all my friends and family.

  49. steven_indy500 (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my order. The boa looks beautiful and is doing good. I will be ordering more reptiles from here later on this year. Thank ya’ll for being a great supplier.

  50. Madison Wild (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase. Delivery was prompt and the 2 boas I ordered are healthy and beautiful! As soon as I convince my wife, we will be purchasing another snake, and XYZ will be our first choice!

  51. michaelearl1964 (verified owner)

    Arrived in 24 hrs and was eating out of my hand 2 hrs later. Then spent the next 2 days exploring her new 75 gallon jungle world, so I fed her again and she finally crashed out in the top of a tree .

  52. Nyah Plunkett (verified owner)

    My beautiful girl just arrived today. Shipping was fast and she was packaged perfectly. She is extremely curious, alert, and healthy. I highly recommend ordering from these guys and I definitely will be again!

  53. Ashley White (verified owner)

    Hello, I just received my beautiful baby the other day! She is in great condition and she is a very sweet girl!!! Thank you so much! It was very detailed card with her date of birth and her feeding schedule on it!

  54. plum28195 (verified owner)

    She is healthy and very beautiful. Thank you!

  55. Teddi Miner (verified owner)

    She is beautiful! Thank you!

  56. Matt Paseler (verified owner)

    Got mine the other day and it came right on time. Slight dehydration but it’s expected during shipping. Docile as can be and an all around good buy. I will do business with in the future.

  57. Laura Brister johnson (verified owner)

    I love him so much. The baby Boa is super friendly and not aggressive at all. I actually like him better than the Python we had because he stays on his branches where we can see him and doesn’t hide. He is in a 100 gallon tank but has not been on the bottom yet. He enjoys being held and checking everyone and everything out. His confidence is outstanding.

  58. Kristopher Kloehn (verified owner)

    Quite impressed, overall. Got my baby boa the day after I ordered her and she is so beautiful! The correspondence during the transaction was timely and efficient. Will buy again.

  59. robertbrackett525 (verified owner)

    Just recently bought and received my baby red tail boa. I ordered her through xyzreptiles which I can’t say enough good about. Great timing, they got her to me super fast. She arrived so tame and healthy. You can really tell xyz cares about their animals and your business. Love my new boa and will be doing all of my future ordering through this company.

  60. Courtney Sweeney (verified owner)

    I got my baby boy 3 days ago and hes been an absolute peach. Hes very sweet and was in excellent condition. I will definitely reccomend this place to friends and family.

  61. Kylee Dietrich (verified owner)

    My male baby boa constrictor arrived today! He is very healthy and active, and he’s sooooo beautiful. Delivery was very fast. I will definitely be sticking with reptiles from XYZ from now on. 🙂

  62. Michael ODell (verified owner)

    I got my boa a couple of days ago and she is a beauty. I love that they give you a little card with information about it. Showing when it was born. I definitely plan on buying here again.

  63. Michael Muscanera (verified owner)

    It got here fast and its in great shape.

  64. josetattoo1026 (verified owner)

    Great service and fast delivery. I got my boa, she looks great and is getting use to her new home.

  65. Cheyenne Martin (verified owner)

    I was extremely impressed with how fast she came and she was even more beautiful than I would’ve imagined! She’s so sweet and I can tell she was handled! They are by far the best people I’ve gotten a snake from.

  66. NewJakCity631 (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how quickly she arrived! The customer service is out of this world! Any questions or concerns are answered immediately! I was astonished of how beautiful my baby boa was when she arrived. I definitely would recommend XYZREPTILES over any other reptile selling websites or stores! These are reptile lovers like us and they do their best to serve us as a community!

  67. Chase Tkach (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping. Received exactly what I ordered, on time. My boa is beautiful and healthy. Vibrant colors!

  68. Elizabeth Lucatero (verified owner)

    This is the second animal I’ve gotten from XYZreptiles. I will not go anywhere else. My baby boa was shipped to a FedEx hub because it was too cold out for house delivery. That meant allot to me. He was properly wrapped and cared for. He was exactly what was described. He so cute and beautiful. I was very impressed. I ended up naming him Dan Hades the danger noodle.

  69. Elijah Rubidoux (verified owner)

    My girl came in last week and had to adjust to her new environment for two days. But she is so active and great with being handled. I will definitely be ordering more snakes from here!

  70. Ron Melnyk (verified owner)

    Quality company with excellent products. I have ordered their items with no problems and I am very very satisfied. I will continue to do business as my wants increase. Only outfit to buy from.

  71. Willim Mashburn (verified owner)

    Thanks to xyzreptiles, I now have a beautiful, healthy and very active baby red tail boa. She’s very docile, a picture of health, and ate within 24 hours of settling into her new home. Couldn’t be happier!

  72. Christina Maldonado (verified owner)

    Beautiful healthy snake! Exact colors as in the picture and great customer service!! Thank you

  73. davegrey1953 (verified owner)

    Just received my baby female boa . Amir helped me find a female with almost identical colors and markings as the male that I purchased from them about 1 month ago !!! They look beautiful together !!! A big shout out to Amir for going out of his way in helping me find the perfect match that I was looking for !!!

  74. Sarah Godby (verified owner)

    This is my second snake from xyz and I’m always pleased! My baby boa came alert and active, super pretty and appears completely healthy! 100% recommend this company!

  75. scuba101 (verified owner)

    Customer service was great and fast. Snake arrived healthy and beautiful! My Red Tail Boa is friendly and active. Can’t wait to watch her grow!

  76. bonnie.bowes8

    My son just ordered a female. She came very much active yet friendly. Its been a week and a half and she is extremely beautiful. Now I want one. Which will be soon.

  77. davegrey1953 (verified owner)

    Arrived alive and VERY active !!! Doesn’t like to be held yet , but isn’t aggressive or hissing . Beautiful markings !!! Thank you !!!

  78. ASHLEY NUGENT (verified owner)

    Received my baby red tail and she is just PERFECT! Couldn’t be happier. She was well packaged. Customer service answered my questions very quickly. Will definitely order from XYZ again! Highly recommend!

  79. Todd Pirkle (verified owner)

    Arrived alert and happy. I love this snake, I cant describe how awesome this snake is. Happy customer!

  80. Magdaleno Merla jr (verified owner)

    Ordering my first boa constrictor. I was a bit nervous but I made my order. They contacted me right away becuase the weather was very hot where I’m at in Texas. But once shipped I was able to pick it up at a fed ex facility and awe man is this little guy great. Very active and friendly. I couldn’t ask for a better experience!!

  81. Takisha Harmon (verified owner)

    I was looking for the perfect birthday gift for my nephew. He is 19, so I thought he loves snakes but never had his own. So, I found xyz reptiles and found this beautiful snake. I love that I received it sooner than I was supposed to. I will definitely shop here again?❤

  82. William Reed (verified owner)

    Beautiful baby girl. I am so happy with xyz and my new baby boa.

  83. Shawn Wood (verified owner)

    Got my lil bci male the other day ! Very pretty and healthy he is so curious and spunky. Thank you xyz reptiles. When arre y’all expecting albinos?

  84. tajsebastian2020 (verified owner)

    Just placed my order for the Boa, I’ve wanted a snake for years now and I’m so excited to finally get my new buddy. The order was straightforward and the reviews of this site are more than positive. If I get another animal, I’ll most definitely buy from here again.

  85. Shawn Wood (verified owner)

    Just ordered my bci male boa, I’m stoked! The website was very easy to deal with, no issue at all yet.

  86. Rueben Bilton (verified owner)

    Arrived on time and alive, even a little active after a short time, not bad for a 3,500 mile trip to a colder climate! And he is soo beautiful. I am very pleased and impressed with XYZ ! never thought this could be possible, and it was an astonishing good price! so happy

  87. Howard Baxla (verified owner)

    XYZReptiles is the reptile place for me. My Order Arrived safe and fast my snake are beautiful and make me smile. I hold them and watch them all the time. When I get ready to order again you better belive I will come back to XYZ reptiles because they are my best new friends!!!!

  88. Tammy Daughtery (verified owner)

    My new Boa arrived in perfect condition. He is gorgeous and very healthy. The owner was great and provided me with a picture of my snake a day before he arrived. Would definitely recommend and will order again in the near future.

  89. Nyssa Wedgeworth (verified owner)

    He arrived with great temperament and he settled in quickly. Owner was great with communicating all of my concerns and was quite professional! Will order again.

  90. Dakota Miller (verified owner)

    Xyz did an awesome job with processing and shipping my boa very quickly. I won’t be getting a reptiles from anywhere else from this point on. Thanks XYZ!

  91. Damian Sidebothom (verified owner)

    My bci arrived so curious and healthy, with a great temperament. Thank you XyzReptiles

  92. jxffgoesherping (verified owner)

    Great service, fast shipping, beautiful snake, and very calm, I would suggest xyzreptiles to any new or even experienced reptile owners, they won’t disappoint!!

  93. Logan Graham (verified owner)

    Came packaged well, no issues with health at all. Beautiful snake.

  94. Katilynn Keyser (verified owner)

    Our little guy arrived very quickly! We ordered him yesterday around this time so shipping is excellent! He was very cozy in his box and the FedEx guy was very careful with him while bringing him to our door. He is very docile and we love him so much already! Thank you XYZREPTILES!! Will be doing all of our business here from now on!

  95. Jeffrey Askew (verified owner)

    I received my beautiful baby Reddish the day after I ordered her, and I couldn’t be happier. She is healthy and quite curious lol thank you XYZ, your company is appreciated. ???

  96. Brian Langton (verified owner)

    After ordering, I was glad to see the baby columbian red tail showed up quickly and very healthy. Attention and eating this Thursday.

  97. Eren Bokhour (verified owner)

    My baby boa arrived healthy and with excellent temperament! He ate right away and is beautiful. Excellent transaction and customer service. Thanks XYZ!

  98. Matthew Erwin (verified owner)

    Transaction was fast and easy. Would do business with you again.

  99. Derek Long (verified owner)

    Couldn’t be happier with everything from start to end. Love the care and concern they take and for making shipping so easy. Definitely will be using again soon

  100. Mary Seagraves (verified owner)

    Reptile came in good shape, although he did pee in the bag. Which isn’t a horrible thing. Means he has been eating haha.

  101. ANGELA BOWERS (verified owner)

    Snake was alert and healthy. Very pleased.

  102. coffmanlawncare100 (verified owner)

    Great experience, will be doing more business in the future!

  103. dbexoticmorphs (verified owner)

    OMG…? I was a little worried about the weather but my girl my baby boa was in great looking and healthy shape she is AMAZING

  104. Stephen Siller (verified owner)

    I got my boa in today I was nervous because of the weather but he is super calm and did great with shipping.Great looking snake in great health 10/10 would order again.

  105. Caleb Hunter (verified owner)

    He arrived on time and seems to be a really tame And healthy boa. Good coloration. Will recommend to anyone looking to purchase a new reptile.

  106. Nicholas Morrison (verified owner)

    She arrived on time and healthy and docile, couldn’t have asked for better! She has just taken her first meal and doing well.

  107. Dalton Gibson (verified owner)

    Snake arrived healthy and curious. No temper at all very beautiful snake.

  108. Phill Solomon (verified owner)

    1st off, let me start off by saying these guys are absolutely awesome. My baby Colombian BCI came in today absolutely stunning and Healthy. Great communication by phone. Was able to pay through Sezzle which was awesome. That allowed me money to set up my terrarium as well as allowing me to Purchase other items needed for set up…

  109. Chase Amburgy (verified owner)

    I was astonished by how healthy and Beautiful the male and female boas came. I’m very overall impressed and they are eating already and I’ve haven’t had them a week yet.

  110. Justin Keipper (verified owner)

    What an awesome experience!!!! My kids are so happy with there new addition to the family. Thanks again for the fast service.

  111. Peter Henn (verified owner)

    Boa came in alert and healthy. Was able to manage delivery with fedx since I wasn’t able to be at home. Very happy with the animal. I thought the price was pretty good too.

  112. albertluellen (verified owner)

    Ordered on sunday recieved tuesday. The only issue i have is they said was to cold to ship to house so they were sending to nearest fed ex hub. They still need sent to my house. Other then that the snake is great. Alive and pretty

  113. John Konski (verified owner)

    I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. I ordered my Boa on Sunday and it was processed, shipped and in my doorstep Tuesday morning. She is happy and healthy and exactly what they promised. They even included a card with her birth month and year. Plus what she was eating. I thought it was a great touch. I will definitely be using this site in the Future.

  114. Rachel Giles

    I received my Mojave Ball Python today in excellent condition! Healthy, alert, friendly and ready for her new home! I will definitely be ordering again and highly recommend! Thanks y’all!

  115. Brian Davies (verified owner)

    Snake arrived on time. Healthy, active and very mellow. He looks amazing!!!!!

  116. construction_by_ray (verified owner)

    The snake was very alert and beautiful. Arrived on time and ready for it’s new home. I will definitely order again when I get another one. Thank you

  117. Arturo Mireles (verified owner)

    Recieved my baby boa, he was very active and in great condition. I will definitely be buying from y’all again. Just waiting for my next buy to come in to stock…

  118. Taylor Harris (verified owner)

    My baby boa was very aggressive and bit me and struck multiple times afterwards but he’s gorgeous and came in good condition! hopefully he warms up and get less aggressive in the next week. other than that happy with the overall experience.

  119. brettbatstra91 (verified owner)

    I mean they really can’t prepare you for the excellent quality noodle they’re giving up. My baby boy just got here this morning and he is amazing, gentle and inquisitive, in wonderful condition, with all the important information regarding his schedule provided. 5 stars will definitely be buying here again.

  120. Celeste Meider (verified owner)

    My Male baby red tailed boa came in happy throughout the cold shipment. Heat pack included. Although there were technical difficulties on Sezzles end, XYZ reptiles made up for it immensely! I had a digital thermometer thrown in for free among extremely special shipping requirements. Thanks to them, I have a fiesty, happy and active boa. Thank you, and will return for any online reptile need I have!

  121. Matthew Busby (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase ! Live arrival even in the cold ! Also very well packaged an my beautiful snake is doing awesome

  122. drumsbrandon (verified owner)

    Package had a hot and cold pack for thermoregulation I suppose. Don’t think the cold pack was necessary coming to Michigan in mid winter. Nonetheless snake looks healthy and very active. Awesome!

  123. Daisy Zuscar (verified owner)

    Red tailed boa
    He came a little cold and took him almost 4 days to get here due to FedEx but was very healthy and active

  124. riley ruth (verified owner)

    I got good costumer service and a very friendly snake I will order from XYZ again ?

  125. Destiny Alday (verified owner)

    I had a excellent experience they even sent me a card with his birthday and eating schedule I will absolutely be buying from them again I love my new boa?

  126. Emmanuel Salas (verified owner)

    My boa constrictor was cold but getting him was easy and very fast great customer service.

  127. Holly Barbee (verified owner)

    My boa arrived in perfect condition. He was very calm, he has already adjusted to his home and is eating like a champ. I will definitely be purchasing from xyz reptiles again and highly recommend them.

  128. Michael Bayliff (verified owner)

    I love my snake and he arrived just as told. Very beautiful and active.

  129. James Moore (verified owner)

    When I got my male columbian boa his heat pack was cold but he showed up alive and curious. I am pleased with him. He is not head shy and also has had his first feed so all in all I am happy with my purchase. My girlfriend said she was not a big fan of snakes until she got to hold him, now I think we will be needing to get another one for her!

  130. Jeffery Ball (verified owner)

    I cannot praise XYZ enough. I want to say my baby male boa came exactly as expected, but I can’t. He didn’t. He is so much better than I could have imagined. He is beautiful, healthy, active and vibrant. He is perfect. The pictures do no justice. He arrived very fast. Healthy and vibrant. Very active. He ate for me 1 day later. Great company. Great products. Great service. Highly recommended. I will be ordering again… and again… Thanks XYZ! Job well done!

  131. Jennifer Erdmann (verified owner)

    Recieved my Boa in the mail on tuesday!! Such a beautiful snake, came out of packaging alert and super docile! Put him in his enclosure and he started to shed within five minutes. Fifteen mintues later i had a complete shed. I called and asked the customer service a billion questions and they were always super friendly and helpful. Can’t give these guys enough stars absolutely stellar service! XYZ will always have my business!

  132. joshrobinson2389 (verified owner)

    I ordered my Boa about a month ago, I have waited to give a review till I had the snake for a while. I can honestly say this is the best reptile site I have dealt with. Fast and proper shipping and quality animals. Don’t hesitate to order from them. 5 stars if I could give 10 stars I would!

  133. Dionte Reeds (verified owner)

    These guys worked with me and I am so satisfied. The beautiful Boa I got is in outstanding condition. I’ll definitely be shopping here again. Thank you xyzreptiles

  134. Nicholas Reese (verified owner)

    So happy, I ordered a female on accident but xyz was happy to work with me and fix that. My little guy arrived quickly and healthy and he is eating. Will definitely use them for future purchases. Thanks so much for everything XYZREPTILES.COM

  135. mattwulfert (verified owner)

    WOW! What a great experience. I ordered my baby boa on Friday and she arrived Tuesday morning. She was packed nicely with a warm pack. When I saw her for the first time my mind was blown. She was much more beautiful than the pictures I requested. She was also extremely curious right out of the bag. I got her settled in her new digs and she’s doing wonderful. She is incredibly docile and inquisitive.
    I had great customer service. All of my stupid questions were answered promptly and without attitude. That is a BIG PLUS for me. I hate when some business get annoyed, but these guys sure didn’t.
    I would recommend XYZ over and over again. AAA service and wonderfully healthy animals. Keep doing what you do.

  136. Tommy Stevens (verified owner)

    Extremely friendly service and will even send you a picture of the animal you ordered I will definitely order from this place again!

  137. Devon Foutz (verified owner)

    Customer service was very responsive and helpful. My snake came right on time! She is a beautiful and healthy little snake, I couldnt be happier. Thank you everyone at XYZReptiles!

  138. Christian Dodson (verified owner)

    My snake came happy and healthy. As soon as he was taken out of the bag he didn’t mind being held and was not defensive at all.

  139. kathleens4211 (verified owner)

    My baby came bright and early and was healthy and friendly just like the site said. This is the first purchase with more to come. I’m a very happy customer.

  140. katie_chalker (verified owner)

    My snake arrived healthy and happy. She is doing great and is adorable. The other website I tried to order from allowed me to purchase one but the day my boa was supposed to arrive they emailed me that they were out. Xyz is great! I will order again.

  141. jdv31591 (verified owner)

    My boa arrived right on time and was a very healthy and well tempered snake and they pack them very securely to keep them safe and calm for there trip.

  142. EquineInLove15 (verified owner)

    Second snake I’ve ordered from XYZ and She arrived alert, curious and very healthy! She ate her first meal with no issues and I’m very satisfied. XYZReptiles will be my go to for ordering Reptiles in the future! Excellent customer service as well, It’s very much appreciated!

  143. sanna1219011 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love XYZ reptiles. I have ordered from them before and I am always satisfied. When my male Boa arrived, he was active, alert and calm. He has an amazing disposition and I is eating like a champ.

  144. kylelee482 (verified owner)

    I ordered a basic red tail boa and it is absolutely amazing I now have 3 snakes two ball pythons in which I got from a pet store and my boa in which I received from xyz and my boa is by far the most active out of all 3 he is very curious about everything and it\’s so much better knowing the gender of your animals instead of trying to guess which is what happens when you purchase from a pet store.. I will definitely be ordering from them again

  145. mattadams_72 (verified owner)

    I was at work when my boa arrived so my wife was home, she said the snake crawled out of the bag as soon as she opened it, like she wanted to be held. It’s been two days since she arrived and feels perfectly at home. Very curious and very sweet! My reticulated python doesn’t get anymore attention since my boa got here! She’s amazing and I thank xyzReptiles so much for the newest addition to my family, couldn’t be happier!

  146. c.anderson7844 (verified owner)

    This has to be the best service I have ever had dealing with reptiles. Xyzreptiles really cares about the animals they provide and making customers happy! The beautiful boa they sent me is just phenomenal it’s so hard to just leave her in the cage because she loves to be handled, very very docile and only a month old. You can definitely tell they are well taken care of by xyz! Her and my 5 year old have already created a bond so tight that I barely get to hold her lol! Thank you for your awesome service and very fast delivery! Keep up the great work xyz! Just very glad I have found a place that cares about there animals to do my forever business with!

  147. loganlucero29 (verified owner)

    Very pleased healthy absolutley beautiful and not agressive or defensive what so ever and accepted a mouse the day i got her i will 100% buy from xyzreptiles again

  148. c.anderson7844 (verified owner)

    I had absolutely no issues using xyzreptiles, I have been looking for a good site to add to my collection of different species and I am sold by this company. Had a little hiccup at the beginning but they fixed the issues as soon as it was noticed and my beautiful boa arrived with no issues! Thank you again xyzreptiles! You will be hearing from me again very soon!

  149. tylersbingham (verified owner)

    XYZReptiles is Excellent!!

    Before trying xyz reptiles, I attempted to order via another business in order save a couple of bucks (free shipping if I wait 30 days). The experience was awful – their customer service sub-par. I don’t think the organization had an iota of emotional equity in either their animals or customers.

    I ordered our new member of our family (Red Tail Boa) online, through XYZReptiles. I can’t speak for their customer service beyond their email system; I didn’t have to engage it. All of their “form” communicates were accurate and timely.

    What stood out for me (prompting me to leave a review) were three numbers handwritten on the invoice. I’m assuming they were temperatures in Silver City, NM. This led me to believe that XYZReptiles would NOT send an animal through overnight delivery if temperatures were unsafe for animal travel. They care about the well being of their animals.

    We received our beautiful boa in a healthy and alert condition. NO ISSUES!!

  150. hookemut1112 (verified owner)

    Very happy with the purchase of my new boa, she is beautiful! We placed her in her new home on Wednesday after we received her and let her adapt a couple of days. She is doing great. She lets us handle her very well and is not head shy at all. I have fed her and she ate well. I am so very pleased with my purchase an I will purchase from you guys again. Thank you so much

  151. cory.conkle (verified owner)

    I just received my boa I ordered on Thursday, today at 9:10am, so earlier than expected which was cool. The snake it’s self was beautiful, and mite free. He was very docile too! I’ve ordered reptiles from other online sellers and this was my first time shopping at XYZ, if I were to order more online I’d definitely buy from you guys again. Well done.


  152. Sergio Chicon (verified owner)

    It was a great experience. My boa arrived the day after I order it. He was packaged properly. He is absolutely beautiful, strong and healthy. Super friendly and eats well. The boa came with a care card that showed his birthday and the last time he ate. Really cool. I will definitely order another animal from XYZ. Thank you.

  153. joseph bombardier (verified owner)

    Very happy with the two boas I got. They are doing very good and are happy. The first shed for them is going good thank you at xyz for making it fast and easy to get my boas.

  154. Robert Becher (verified owner)

    Very impressed. I’ve had and ordered reptiles my for years (I’m 51)…Kept me in contact throughout. Boa arrived healthy and beautiful. Plus…included an info card and sticker also! Will definitely order again!

  155. Cody Boyles (verified owner)

    I received my baby red tail boa and he was extremely defensive at first but once I put him in his new home the hissing stopped and I instantly fell in love! He’s incredibly loving and more docile than my ball python. Absolutely beautiful animal, I couldn’t be happier! He arrived healthy and in great condition. I can’t wait to order my next reptile from your store! Thank you for a beautiful life long friend! <3

  156. Travis j Stebing (verified owner)

    Came on time, is healthy and adjusting to her new home.

  157. Stephen Durham (verified owner)

    I received my beautiful baby boa on time and she’s in wonderful health and very well tempered im looking forward to ordering more in the future! Thanks to XYZreptiles

  158. James Munson (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery, my boa came healthy and is settling into her new forever home.

  159. David Verrier (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery and super beautiful and healthy Boa.

  160. Mark Travis (verified owner)

    Mark Travis
    Beautiful Red Tailed Boa. Arrived when weather permitted, Alex was in constant contact with the delivery date. Very happy costumer and looking forward to purchasing his mate soon. Thanks again!

  161. Bj Townsend (verified owner)

    xyzReptiles was great to deal with! Both snakes showed up in one day with no hassle at all. There both doing great and are very friendly. A+++++++ service; will buy from again.

  162. Alex Ortiz

    Fast delivery and she is calm and active. She seems to be happy and I will mostly likely buy another one in the future…

  163. Bradley Kemper (verified owner)

    Our boa arrived on time and even a little earlier than expected ! He is so tame and happy ! He is settling in great and ready for his next meal tomorrow !

  164. Darrell Kershaw (verified owner)

    Very happy with my boa constrictor. XYZReptiles was great to work with. Boa arrived timely and is doing very well and is eating with no problem.

  165. tina long (verified owner)

    It is my granddaughters 13th Birthday. Sadly her father passed away 2 years ago on her 11th birthday. As a type of therapy we allowed her to adopt and year old ball python she named Ramirez shortly after. She loves reptiles and asked for a red tail boa for her birthday. She searched websites for a week. She found XYZReptiles. She also loves Guns and Roses so she named him Slash. He arrived today and is absolutely fabulous. The look on her face was priceless. The customer service is beyond superb as I called a few times before his arrival and was amazed by the service I received. Thank you so much for making her birthday special. I highly recommend XYZReptiles. I give you guys 10 stars!

  166. Caleb Robinson (verified owner)

    The whole process was great I ordered my new friend on Friday and was sent a text on Monday to confirm everything and was given a picture also. It arrived on Tuesday morning just fine and he is doing great very tame and friendly

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