Baby Suriname Boa Constrictor

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Species: Boa constrictor constrictor Length: 18-20 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice SKU:A4322Categories:
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Each Suriname red tail boa for sale is silver and black in color with deep red coloring on its tail. Our baby Suriname boa constrictors are captive bred and born animals.  They are extremely healthy and feed weekly on both live and frozen-thawed medium mice. These beautiful snakes are of the species Boa constrictor constrictor and grow to an impressive size. You may alos want to checkout some of our other red tail boa species and morphs as well.

7 reviews

  1. dfb1995 (verified owner)

    Great company to work with. My baby suriname came with some scarring on his tale, I contacted Amir and he immediately got me into contact with his friend who happened to live in town. Within a few hours the boa had been taken in by his friend and Amir sent out a new baby. This male came in perfect, beautiful, and healthy. The breeder was extremely easy to work with and highly recommend them.

  2. John Lambert (verified owner)

    The delivery by Fed Ex was one day later than their e-mail specified, but the little boa arrived in great shape after being very well packed. XYZ delivered as promised and it was a very positive experience. Would recommend them 100 %.

  3. scarletspider7x (verified owner)

    Boa arrived on time and with cool packs since it was hot in my area the day it was going to arrive. Arrived healthy and vibrant and full of personality! It is very adventurous and I will definitely order from xyz in the near future.

  4. Barry Smith (verified owner)

    Beautiful! She arrived healthy and feisty as ever. Thanks a lot guys!

  5. Steven Thomas (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and well cared for. I would definitely recommend XYZ!

  6. laith0889 (verified owner)

    Thank you, my baby Suriname Boa came healthy, active and has a nice red tail color. I love it and
    100% recommended!

  7. Cole Larson (verified owner)

    Suriname Boa arrived on Friday very active and looks very healthy as well. Buying a suriname or Guyana can be a bit of a sketchy purchase online due to the fact some people will list the snake as a suriname or guyana but send you a “columbian” with high peaks and to the novice keeper it may be hard to tell the difference between a $80 columbian and a $400 suriname. The tail on this girl is a deep burgundy red and the whites outlining it pop. She has a nice set of eyebrow markings and her eyes look great. She has some high peaks as well. She also has the attitude of a suriname, hissed nice n loud and bit me a couple times lol. Ate a fuzzy mouse like a champ and has been perched up in a branch since she ate, comfortably digesting. Overall im very pleased, well worth the cost! Thanks XYZ i appreciate you more than you know! If anyone is considering getting a guyana or suriname online i highly recommend getting it from XYZ.

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