Baby Central American Boa

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Species: Boa constrictor imperator Length: Approximately 18-22 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4318Categories:
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The Central American boa constrictor, also known as a dwarf boa is a small and friendly snake that hails from Nicaragua and makes a great pet as they do not get as large as other boa species. The average length for this dwarf boa constrictor is 4 feet for the males and 5 feet for the females. Our baby Central American dwarf boas for sale are captive born and are healthy proven feeders. You may also be interested in our larger Colombian red tail boas as well.

90 reviews

  1. davidhopkins396 (verified owner)

    I got her in may of 2023. She is a little over a year old being born in January. She’s a sweetheart, and it is almost time to get a male next. Her name is kera, from dragon heart. I also have a red tail named drago, 2 leopard geckos and 2 bearded dragons. My next will be from xyzreptiles.

  2. sean.sandy1894 (verified owner)

    Just wanted to leave an updated review, it’s been almost a month since I ordered and received Balerion, my baby BCI, from XYZ. He is an amazing snake. It took him a few days to acclimate and then he immediately went into shed. So I bumped up his humidity and waited it out, he shed in one complete piece. He came out looking gorgeous, with his stomach being speckled and almost a pale pinkish orange. And his silver eyes are stunning. A few days after shedding he was ravenous. It has been about 12 days since his last meal. I thawed out a medium mouse and he took it with no problem. Today is day 4 since he ate. His first movement since eating and he came out nice. He was even very happy to come out and be handled today. Kept it short at about 10 minutes, but will increase that as time goes by. Balerion is an amazing snake, no signs of aggression and very active when handling him. Thank you XYZ for the amazing snake. I will definitely be using you all in the future.

  3. slate3828 (verified owner)

    At first I was dubious about getting a snake mailed, especially during the cold season.
    The Central American boa I received was pretty cold. I put him in a holding carrier with a water dish in a warm room and within 20 minutes he was alert and curious. So, I put him in his terrarium. The boa is strong and healthy, and not fearful of people at all.

  4. sean.sandy1894 (verified owner)

    I just received my male baby Central Boa and got him in his tank. Shipping was so easy and they are very good with packaging. The heat pack was still a bit warm. I was able to hold him for a brief moment when I unpacked him. He was a bit cold, but otherwise looks very healthy. He is a bit spicy right now after being put in his new enclosure, but I expected this. Will definitely update on his temperament after a few days. Gorgeous color and markings, and great size on him. Will definitely use XYZ again for my reptile purchases.

  5. cjkorzonthowski3 (verified owner)

    Came on time and very much alive. Very happy with him!

  6. kendrakinchion42 (verified owner)

    I actually truly love my central American Boa. He is beautiful and came on time. Packaging was awesome and handled with care. He is very sweet. Not aggressive at all. No hissing at all. Thank you very much XYZReptiles for the awesome reptile as well as your wonderful customer service. Will be purchasing a new baby real soon.

  7. Rodney Pettway (verified owner)

    It was delivered on time and in good health. It was surprisingly docile. Great purchase for us.
    Thank you!

  8. Kayli Eicholtz (verified owner)

    He’s a beautiful snake, and looks healthy so far. He was super spicy on the first day, striking the glass and hissing. He has calmed down over night and let us get him fed, as well as handle him for a little bit. My 10 y/o loves him!

  9. Daniel Chovan (verified owner)

    I ordered two Central American boas. They came early on delivery and are day healthy. I’ve since ordered three more from XYZ. That should say it all about them!

  10. Joel Sims (verified owner)

    Very beautiful snake, arrived alive and well. This is the second snake I have purchased from them. This will 100% be my go to place for snakes!

  11. Jacob Bateman (verified owner)

    My boa arrived quickly and was healthy as could be. Ive had him 2 days and he has already settled in and ate a hopper for me. I would definitely recommend xyz. Thanks!

  12. Trevor Summitt (verified owner)

    Ordered a Central American boa. She came in healthy and has already settled in and ate her first meal for me.

  13. Malik Wilson (verified owner)

    I don’t typically right reviews, but I had to take the time out to shine a light on how amazing it was to purchase my Boa from XYZ!

    – My Boa came extremely healthy, alert, and docile due to what seems to be already handled and by staff!

    – What also stood out to me was their attention to detail to not only supply me the correct sex that I wanted, but also they supplied a care sheet. On that care sheet they have:
    1. When the baby was born
    2. What they were feeding the baby
    3. How often they feed, and;
    4. They provide a basic setup guide that would best suit your Boa.

    I have shopped at a handful of online retailers and XYZ has by far blown the others away. You can tell they love their animals and want to ensure that the animal is going to be taken care of and they make sure there’s no excuse for you to fail!

    10/10 recommend!
    I’ve made a video actually on how great XYZ was on YouTube if you’re curious what the boa looks like and the packaging!

    Channel: Goats Wildlife

  14. davidhopkins396 (verified owner)

    She came healthy and docile. I only handled her for a couple of minutes and the put her in her new home. She is such a beauty!

  15. shirl.gabe.sanford (verified owner)

    We received our baby boa almost three weeks ago and we have been very satisfied with her. We hope to watch her grow and be a part of our family for many many years to come.

  16. cliffordyoung05 (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and docile. I strongly recommend buying from XYZReptiles!

  17. glgonzales364 (verified owner)

    Received my Central American Boa exactly when they said I would. He’s very healthy and acclimating well to his new habitat. I highly recommend XYZ to anyone interested in any of the reptiles they have.

  18. Caleb Steward (verified owner)

    Very pleased with my purchase!
    Great temperament, doesn’t try to run away like other species. He enjoys roaming around in the yard 🙂
    Thank you!

  19. Karissa Buss (verified owner)

    So far having our new boa addition to the family has been smooth sailing! She was curious, calm, and very friendly right out of the bag. I work at an exotic vet and my Dr. got a chance to see her the day she arrived and said she looks great.

  20. skylovesdragon (verified owner)

    She is beautiful and healthy. Little spicy also. Give her time to adjust the next few weeks then training begins.

  21. Russel Herroon (verified owner)

    Customer service was wonderful. My animal arrived safe and sound. He looks healthy. I have orderd from them before and I will continue to be a customer in the future.

  22. Brian Folan (verified owner)

    Ordered my baby Central American Boa on Saturday afternoon and picked her up at the sister Store on Sunday morning. She is gorgeous, an absolute sweetheart, and ate her first meal at home the Monday following pickup. Definitely looking forward to doing more business with XYZ in the future!

  23. Savannah Thompson (verified owner)

    Beautiful boa! Shipping was so quick. My snake arrived safely, healthy and she is settling in nicely! She has even eaten her first meal. Thanks XYZ!

  24. tadarnielle (verified owner)

    Shipping was quick and done well. Our baby boa seems healthy so far! A little feisty on the first day, but to be expected after an overnight trip. Cant wait to watch her grow. 😁

  25. d.shaddeau1234 (verified owner)

    Received the baby boa on my overnight order. Nice boa. Seems healthy and looks great 👍

  26. wvjb72 (verified owner)

    Got my boa today . Very healthy and active. I know the trip had to stress her out or I thought, but I took her out of the bag and she was very active. Going to try to feed her tomorrow to keep her on schedule. All the reviews I read about XYZReptiles said they were the place to buy a healthy snake and so far all is spot on . I will be a regular customer. Thank You

  27. Eason Cheadle (verified owner)

    Such an underrated site! I got my female dwarf boa yesterday. She arrived super healthy with a cooling pack because it was pretty hot out. She came with a birth card, which I thought was cool. I definitely will purchase again from XYZ.

  28. robinbeizai (verified owner)

    I love my boa baby. XYZ is great, they answered all my questions and sent a birth card with him. This is not my first snake from XYZ. I’m very happy ☺️.

  29. jasonrtorres2003 (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be any happier with my purchase! Snake arrived nice and healthy. It is very active and looks even more beautiful than on the picture! Will definitely shop from here more often 🙂

  30. jdm_purple_panda (verified owner)

    Got my boa, he is a very handsome and healthy little guy. Couldn’t be happier and I will definitely be getting more reptiles from XYZ reptiles in the future.

  31. tylerowsley269 (verified owner)

    Got my beautiful male boa. He has really amazing patterns. It took no time to get here. It was a very easy purchase and I couldn’t be happier!

  32. Jeffrey Palacios (verified owner)

    All I have to say is THANK YOU XYZ Reptiles! I was a little scared at first because he arrived cold, scared and stiff from the long trip. He quickly warmed up though (literally) as soon as I put the heat lamp on him. Now he is loving his new home. He’s eating well and we have become well acquainted. Nicaraguan boas are amazing and easy to handle. I will order from again soon!

  33. jsumm17 (verified owner)

    Recieved my male in perfect health. So gorgeous. Couldn’t be happier.

  34. m4gunn1 (verified owner)

    The boa arrived safe and is gorgeous. The package was put together very well and was clearly marked as a live animal for the delivery person. This person apparently couldn’t read it and left him on the porch without so much as a knock on the door. I work from home fortunatel). He is healthy though and currently exploring his new home.

  35. gimgerjoel101 (verified owner)

    Her color was amazing and she was very sweet the day I got her. Nicest snake I have had so far!!!

  36. watsonryan945 (verified owner)

    His colors are nice and bright. He’s very energetic and healthy to. He likes to hang in his trees which I like to see and he is friendly as well.

  37. abridgedhero (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy female. Arrived quick with no hassle. Will definitely purchase from again in the future!

  38. akers420cody (verified owner)

    Beautiful baby, a little aggressive but that’s to be expected of a new snake.

  39. Jhen Luna (verified owner)

    Nice healthy male boa. Nice service with quick responces. Buy from them!

  40. susan.owen327 (verified owner)

    Morning all. So there were some Shipping issues on the carriers part. A bit un-nerving. XYZREPTILES was helpful in those moments. Very caring and knowledgeable. The carrier called me and I immediately went to pick her up. She had been stuck there and weather in Colorado this time of year can be tricky. XYZReptiles assured me the heat pack would last. It was Friday late afternoon at pickup and the office would be closed for the weekend. When I opened up her box, she was fine. Heat pack did it’s job. Got her home. Got her out. She’s stunning. In good condition. The next morning she is out and about hanging out in her branches, and then decided to have a soak. I’ve ordered several snakes of various breeds from XYZReptiles. Never have I been disappointed, and in fact exceeded my expectations every time.

  41. mkajira7 (verified owner)

    I got Medusa on March 3rd, 2022 and she was a bit bigger than what I expected. But I got my lil girl, healthy as can be. She was going blue so she wouldn’t eat which was no biggy. I waited until she shedded to eat well on March 17, 2022 and she finally took a hopper. I’m very pleased with my reptile and how healthy she is. I will be buying another reptile from them in the future.

  42. stevenslee95 (verified owner)

    Got my boa in 2 days ago. Perfectly healthy and beautiful. Would recommend xyz reptiles to anyone looking for a reptile. Came packaged safely and on time. Thank so much.

  43. Kelly Mosley (verified owner)

    Shipment was flawless. I will be a recurring customer. Very pleased with my boa! Thank you

  44. chacelong99 (verified owner)

    Very good customer service as far as telling you if the shipment is going to be delayed. First time ordering a snake online. I would say it was a success. I will probably be ordering from here in the future.

  45. Alyssa Cuvelier (verified owner)

    Poor little guy shed while in the bag, lol! I was like wtf is this 🤣 and pulled out a rolled up little snake skin, haha. He is lively and friendly, a great little addition to our reptile family!

  46. Jessamyn Carmona (verified owner)

    I ordered my baby female dwarf boa a couple weeks ago, unfortunately due to weather I had to wait a week for delivery at a local fedex location. I’ve only had her a few days, but so far she seems great! She’s beautiful and healthy. I had a lot of questions and was able to text personally with a representative. He answered all of my questions, resulting in a proper healthy enclosure for a baby snake! I love her already and if I ever want to purchase another, I will use this site again.

  47. samiejo2016 (verified owner)

    My first time ordering any reptile online and I was not disappointed. Little guy was as calm and active as could be when he arrived. Now he’s exploring his new home. I am looking forward to many years with him and ordering from XYZReptiles again sometime in the future.

  48. jay souza (verified owner)

    This was my first time ordering anything live online. It was an easy and good experience all throughout the process, and our new snake arrived healthy and happy. I’ll most likely come back to XYZ in the future.

  49. Hunter Phillips (verified owner)

    My first time ordering any reptile online and I was not disappointed. Little guy was as calm and active as could be when he arrived. Now he’s exploring his new home. I am looking forward to many years with him and ordering from XYZReptiles again sometime in the future.

  50. lakota4829 (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my baby central American dwarf boa. He arrived on time and is exploring his new bioactive enclosure. He is very active and beautiful!

  51. scottgillick101998 (verified owner)

    First time buyer and very happy with my new snakes. They arrived on time and in perfect condition. Will absolutely buy again.

  52. dbaldwin9799 (verified owner)

    I ordered a Central American Boa from XYZ and I’m very glad I did. He’s a great looking snake and good eater too. Delivery and communication was outstanding! When I decide to get another one, I’m definitely ordering from XYZ.

  53. cbroxton95 (verified owner)

    My first snake from XYZ and definitely won’t be the last. Very beautiful and very healthy. Definitely recommend buying from them.

  54. cbroxton95 (verified owner)

    I ordered a female baby Central American Boa and I absolutely love her. She arrived yesterday Sept 15, 2021 and she looks very healthy and well taken care of. She was a bit thinner than I thought she was going to be but she is very healthy and is only a baby so I know that her size is normal. Very active and I will absolutely buy again from XYZReptiles and recommend them to all my friends looking to add to their collection or just looking to start one.

  55. Arjun Varma (verified owner)

    This is my second CA boa from XYZ, and it won’t be the last.

    Beautiful dark colored male. He was a bit out of it when he arrived (understandably) and over the last three days he’s becoming adjusted to his new enclosure. I thoroughly appreciate xyz for following my instructions and writing them down on my invoice along with an information card they provide for each reptile.

    Response time to inquiries, also super quick.

    If you’re unsure about purchasing a reptile online, I’ve ordered from multiple places and I have truly had the best experiences with XYZ

  56. negronezra (verified owner)

    I received my boa on the 28th of July but wanted to wait to leave a review when appropriate. When I received him he was active and curious but he had a bit of shed stuck on his nose that caused him to refuse food for 2 weeks. He shed earlier this week and I was able to successfully feed him a few days after. Other than that I’m very happy with my purchase and I will will be shopping at xyz again.

  57. ornahtanay (verified owner)

    She got here on time and this is actually the second snake I have ordered from XYZ. She is gorgeous, amazing, very sweet and a very docile snake. Thank you XYZ!

  58. aprilwiggins4 (verified owner)

    He arrived around 12:30pm and was just as active as ever. It hasn’t came around to feeding time yet but he seems like he isn’t going to have any problem, so we’ll see. He is a fat pretty boy!

  59. ornahtanay (verified owner)

    She got here on time and she’s actually my second snake from XYZ reptiles. She’s gorgeous and she’s a very sweet snake. Thank you XYZ!

  60. Michael Wallace (verified owner)

    Received my Central American boa on the 29th of September. It arrived on time, very alert and didn’t strike. He’s a handsome fella. Eating like a champ. I waited to review after the second feeding. Will be purchasing again soon.

  61. Robert Field Jr (verified owner)

    He is great! Got here safe, sound and hungry.

  62. Maxwell Walker (verified owner)

    My baby boa arrived in less than 24 hours after shipping in perfect condition. The boxing was very nicely done for the snake to not be harmed. She’s beautiful and I’m very happy with my purchase. Will be using XYZ in the future.

  63. Robert Cabral (verified owner)

    Hi, I got my new boa snake and it looks great and is very friendly. This is my 2nd snake from here. Great people to talk to. I recommend ordering from this company. It came to me very well packaged and this snake is very healthy. I’m very satisfied!

  64. Tyree LaPread (verified owner)

    Received my baby Central American Boa earlier this week. I could not be more satisfied. My order was processed quickly and my little buddy arrived healthy and without harm. I will definitely be using this site again in the future.

  65. Natalie Harper (verified owner)

    The best reptile service I’ve ever had. It was my first time ordering a reptile from them and the service was amazing. I got the reptile the next day at 9 in the morning with no complications. It was amazing! If you decide to order your reptile, order from here I highly recommend.

  66. Noah Ives (verified owner)

    My boa arrived on time and she is very healthy and active!

  67. stephanief482 (verified owner)

    Very happy, she came healthy and on time.

  68. Patrick Maizels (verified owner)

    The male Nicaraguan boa arrived in excellent condition with meticulous detail to his travel care. We could also tell by his body condition that he had been very well cared for before sending. Thank you.
    Dr. Patrick Maizels D.V.M.

  69. Mary Seagraves (verified owner)

    Little guy was alert and oriented on arrival. He recently must have went into shed, he had a little bit still stuck around his eyes, but the eye caps were off so it wasn’t a concern of mine. Lovely little snake.

  70. Felicity Hensley (verified owner)

    Amazing, she is a beautiful snake. Customer service was amazing. They let me know that she would be shipped late because of a holiday and she arrived early. I had to work and got her around 1. The hot pack was still warm and she was alert and active! Will order again!

  71. gfarrenjr (verified owner)

    I just want to say that everything I experienced with XYZ was completely 5 star. I received immediate responses from emails and was even able to discuss my questions with a real person over the phone. I love my baby boa and will order my next reptile from no one except XYZ. If you are reading this review and trying to determine who to order from, please stop here and place your order. Thanks, XYZ, for a great experience!

  72. wolverine3802 (verified owner)

    I just received my baby female central American boa today and I could not be happier. She is absolutely stunning! When I opened her bag she came out with her tongue flicking and was very curious and wanting to explore. Her temperament was great. She didn’t try to strike, and she seemed fairly relaxed. Her box was well packaged and secure and the heat pack was still warm. I highly recommend purchasing from xyzreptiles, I know I will again.

  73. Julian Delos (verified owner)

    Baby male came in on time, very healthy and curious already. No signs of stress, also ate when fed. No complications at all.

  74. Michael DeSanto (verified owner)

    This is my first online order and I really love him. XYZ is hands down very helpful with there customer service.

  75. Amadia Menard (verified owner)

    Very easy order and delivery. Very pleased.

  76. Taylor Newman (verified owner)

    My little girl is perfect. She’s a bit scared but other than that a good snake and looks amazing. she’s extremely bright and iridescent. I love her so much.

  77. Shelby Cavaness (verified owner)

    My Boa had a cool pack with her and she arrived very quickly. She was packaged great and they have been very helpful on getting her to eat her first meal with me ?

  78. Amanda Younger (verified owner)

    My Central American little girl arrived 2 days ago and she is absolutely beautiful. She is slowly adjusting to new enclosure but she seems pretty docile for being a baby which is great. I love how she came with a card to tell you her birthday and what size and type of prey she eats. Will definitely be order from here again in the future and I highly recommend.

  79. gerryrod9973

    I picked up my baby Central American boa at XYZ reptiles on Wednesday the 3rd of July and it is amazing looking. What a gorgeous boa. This is my third reptile I purchased from XYZ reptiles. What an awesome company, their staff is top-notch. They are knowledgeable, helpful and willing to go the extra mile. For sure this is not my last reptile or animal that I’ll get from XYZ reptiles. Thank you very much I really appreciate all you guys have done for me.

  80. Andrew Deas (verified owner)

    First of all, my snake is absolutely incredible. He is calm, friendly, calculated and strikes me as very intelligent. I was speechless when I first opened the bag and finally saw him with my own eyes, until then I had never seen a Boa in person. He is absolutely stunning. XYZ is excellent with responding to emails, getting you the tracking number, contacting you if something comes up. They include a heat or cold pack which not everyone does and they also include a card with the birth month, type of feeder currently being used and how often they were being fed in their care. As far as I know, they are the only company doing this. XYZ is a top notch company, I will 100% buy from them again with extreme confidence.

  81. morrison.logan1015 (verified owner)

    FedEx had a delay but she made it here safe and sound. Thank you for the beautiful snake.

  82. rmonarch365 (verified owner)

    My C.A. Boa arrived in wonderful and alert condition, along with a care card with its month and birth year as well as feeding schedule and what it’s been eating. She has already shed in one piece. I highly recommend purchasing from XYZ!

  83. nchlsdlc (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service. This was my first order from this site and it will not be my last. My boa arrived alive and healthy.

  84. mareliyou (verified owner)

    My boa arrived this morning at the Fedex hub on time, and upon unboxing she was very alert and active. The heating pack was still warm, and she looks to be in great condition. After about twelve hours in her tub, she seemed to be hunting for food. I doubted she’d eat for me being the first day here, but I thawed out a hopper mouse and she took it readily. The easiest snake I’ve had to switch from live to F/T. I highly recommend XYZReptiles and will be buying from them again. She’s absolutely beautiful.

  85. Deanna Foster (verified owner)

    I purchased a female Baby Central American Boa from XYZReptiles. This was my first online order for a reptile ever. I am impressed! FedEx had delays due to weather and the folks at XYZReptiles were on top of it and kept me posted on what was going on. She arrived a day later through no fault of XYZ and was healthy and absolutely gorgeous! Others have covered what comes with the shipping which blew me away. I loved the little card with her birthdate, what she is feeding on and when she eats! Phenomenal service, treatment of the animals and followup! I will certainly be working with XYZReptiles in the future! Such a joy to find a reputable source of reptiles! She is resting from her trip to get settled now and didn’t even strike when moving her!

  86. Jessica Bolek (verified owner)

    Once we received our baby Central American Boa, he was friendly right out of the box. We gave him some time to settle in and we just love him. He is very docile and so adorable. We are so happy that we decided to buy him from XYZReptiles. We have named him Stryker… We will definitely be buying from XYZReptiles again! Thanks so much!

  87. Kenneth Spencer (verified owner)

    I received my snake the next day, and it arrived very healthy and intact. Job well done!

  88. quentincluke (verified owner)

    Wonderful snake. Mine arrived very alive and healthy, arriving before 10 am. The people at xyzreptiles were fantastic to work with and took time to work out issues that they were having. I would definitely order from them again.

  89. courtsweb123 (verified owner)

    I received my male baby central American boa at 10:34am today. I ordered him from #xyzreptiles. I am 100% satisfied with everything. The snake was calm and not once struck at me. He seemed happy and healthy, color was great and scales were in perfect condition. I made the order on a Saturday. Not knowing they only put in orders during the week. They called me Monday letting me know there was problems with the weather and that for the sake of the snake they weren’t going to ship until the time was right. On the phone the man was polite and quick and was open to answering any questions I had. I also was able to track my order all the way through. When the snake arrived he came in a box (obviously) it was extremely secure so it wouldn’t easily just open. The box had a lot of labels letting people know it was a live animal and it was fragile. Also had an emergency number visible on the box. When I opened the box there was a cute key chain and a bumper like sticker with the logo. It also had the receipt and a card with the birth date of the snake. Which I thought was awesome.there was only one heating pack but the size of the box made it enough. The snake was in a little clothe bag with a zip tie to keep it closed. It was also packed with cardboard like paper to keep it still. I would fully reccomend xyz reptiles to any one. I had a great first experience and receieved a great quality animal.

  90. mmavsixteen (verified owner)

    I purchased this Baby Central American Boa from XYZReptiles and I must say I have never had better service. The Boa arrived as promised, one-day shipping. Inside, I found a heating pad that most other places do not include. The box also included a card with information about the snake, such as it’s birth date and feeding date (very useful information most places fail to provide). Their support is amazing, they always pick up on phone calls and truly care for their animals. From here on out, I will only be making my reptile purchases from XYZReptiles.

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