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Florida King Snakes For Sale

Each Florida king snake for sale that we offer is healthy and feeding weekly. Florida king snakes make excellent pets and are a great starter snake for those new to pet snakes. Florida king snakes are a small constrictor that will rarely grow over four feet in length. They can be maintained in a medium sized terrarium for the duration of their lives. Our baby Florida king snake morphs are available in a number of genetic combinations including the hypo mosiac Florida king.
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Verified Customer Reviews

Cloe Allen
caldendar iconMay 28, 2021

I received my little guy safe and sound . He is active and healthy . And I definitely will be using xyz reptiles again! Thank you guys soooo much .... Read more

Jayton brown
caldendar iconMay 07, 2021

Very beautiful snake. Very skittish and likes to hide. I’m Definitely going to refer xyzreptiles to my friends and family.... Read more

Peter Zanata
caldendar iconMarch 21, 2021

Good looking snake. Arrived healthy and active. Had a great appetite for her first feeding but being a kingsnake, I expected no less. Communication concerning the order via email was spot on and very helpful. I would recommend this breeder and would ... Read more

S. Jared Henley
caldendar iconJune 16, 2020

Dude showed up and was full of energy. What a fantastic looking animal. I want to thank you for the little touch of adding the care sheet and DOB. Amazing touch.... Read more