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Buy reptiles wholesale with cheap shipping. Supply your customers healthy, correctly sexed wholesale reptiles for sale from XYZReptiles. We also offer a nice variety of wholesale reptile supplies and accessories including lighting, hides, habitats, feeding and much more.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Ayden Brink
caldendar iconMarch 01, 2021

I ordered my sand boa after thoroughly researching everything I could. When it came down to it, xyzreptiles was just the best option. Through the processing and picking up of my order it was all super easy and very communicative.... Read more

Bryn Tackett
caldendar iconMarch 01, 2021

Absolutely stunning! Will be doing business here in the future 😁

Michael McCurdy
caldendar iconFebruary 28, 2021

My snake was very healthy on arrival and much bigger then I was expecting. Hope to mate it with my female western hognose snake when they mature.... Read more

Jaron Williams
caldendar iconFebruary 27, 2021

Been watching the XYZReptiles family for years and getting my setup right before I shopped on the site. I got my spider female fat and warm. Great service and she was fed and had time to digest the food before she was shipped. I will being ordering a... Read more