Het Leucistic Russo Ball Python Female Sub Adult 2 Count

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Species: Python regius  Weight: Approximately 400-600 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Small Rats SKU:W410222-saCategories:
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Each female het leucistic Russo ball python sub adult for sale is healthy, weighing between 400-600 grams approximately.  They are fed small rats weekly and altnernate between live an frozen-thawed.  For those interested in breeding, the Russo ball python is a key ingredient in making blue eyed leucistic ball pythons. Our sub adult het leucistic Russo ball pythons are directly from the originator of the morph.

1 review

  1. Albert Vasquez (verified owner)

    My purchase was 2 Het Leucistic Russo’s. I put my order in late Monday afternoon and they arrived Wednesday afternoon safe and sound. Both were in great condition and looked to be very healthy. The only thing that would have been great is info or a history of my BP,s. Needless to say I am a stickler for info. If I purchase an animal or reptile I like to know all about it. When I opened up the box, there were my BP’s and a receipt. It would have been nice to have some history on them.

    I will say when I called them I got someone right away. What’s most important is my snakes are healthy and adapting to their new environment. I give a 5 Star rating for their shipping and the condition of the snakes. Thanks again XYZReptiles

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