African House Snake For Sale

African house snakes (Boaedon fuliginosus) are a mild-tempered constrictor found in sub-Saharan Africa. Their habitats range from savannahs, wetlands, grasslands, rainforest, and nearby human settlements. Each African house snake for sale will typically sport a pelt that ranges in various shades of brown with a lighter belly. However, black and albino African house snake morphs also exist and are offered as pets. They are a manageable size – only growing to around 36 inches as adults. They typically grow to be more slender than other snakes that reach this length, rarely exceeding .5- 1.1 lbs. This means that they are easy to transport, feed, and will be able to fit in most human homes. While they may need a 40-gallon enclosure as adults, these snakes can thrive in 10-gallon tanks as juveniles.
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