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Honduran Milk Snakes For Sale

Our baby Honduran milk snakes for sale are healthy and feeding weekly. They are alternated between live and frozen – thawed pinkie mice. Each Honduran milk snake morph that we offer is housed and maintained under optimal conditions.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Aramis Barredo
caldendar iconApril 20, 2021

Beautiful looking snake, very friendly and calm, completely love it! Great purchase! And the staff who helped me is amazing!... Read more

Adrienne Dyer
caldendar iconApril 19, 2021

This is my first ball python. I had been planning for weeks for him. XYZ shipped him out last Tuesday evening and he got here before 11 on Wednesday! It was so amazing to keep a watch on the tracking. I couldn’t sleep all night! He is beautiful and... Read more

Very happy with my new snake. He arrived fast and safe.

Michael Urban
caldendar iconApril 17, 2021

Our yellow belly ball python is amazing. He acclimated to his enclosure very well. His color is stunning, of the highest quality and has clearly been well taken care of before coming to us. We will definitely be ordering more snakes in the future. Th... Read more