Baby Super Pastel Ball Python

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Species: Python regius  Sex: Unsexed Weight: Approximately 60-150 grams Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A410200Categories:
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Each super pastel ball python for sale that we offer is the super form of the pastel gene. Our baby super pastel ball pythons for sale have the brightest colors you can get from a pastel to pastel breeding. If you are a fan of the pastel gene you should also check our some of our other pastel gene combos.

40 reviews

  1. Jessica Beach (verified owner)

    Snake arrived safely and I was surprised at how docile it was right off the bat. I was worried that purchasing from a breeder it would be a little strikey at first, but I was pleasantly surprised! I will definitely be a repeat customer! Beautiful snake and beautiful temperament!

  2. bryanab222 (verified owner)

    I am super happy with my purchase, she’s too cute.

  3. cameronj011 (verified owner)

    Love her so much!

  4. ariel.a.schroeder (verified owner)

    I received my male super pastel yesterday and he is everything I’d hoped for. I was panicked because FedEx did not deliver him next day, he came a day later than he should have, which is no fault of XYZ. Thankfully, he was totally fine and immediately began exploring his enclosure. He has not struck at all, and seems very tolerant of handling. I’m very happy.

  5. Chi Chi (verified owner)

    I ordered Wednesday night so it had me anxiously waiting until next Tuesday for them to actually ship . Checked my phone and asked the company questions almost everyday and I got great feed back right on hand every time . When she finally came she came packaged well with a heating pack due to this crazy weather which was cool and considerate . She was tied with a rope instead of a zip tie like I’ve seen others do . Which was nice . Even though she is a little escape artist . When we finally brought her into our environment she was feisty , but we think due to hunger, the drive , plus being around new people. We do love the feistiness because she is a female and we need a strong defensive snake that will use that energy to protect her children if she does ever have any. She is a Beautiful pastel and enhances our beautiful 6 month old yellow belly fader pastel Male. Can’t wait to interlock them in the far future and get to bring out her personality over time . Welcome Home Super Pastel! Thank you XYZ for a beautiful Healthy snake .

  6. dezaray contreras (verified owner)

    My Super pastel female came super fast. She came out feisty and striking but that is due to the stress from shipping. She is beautiful! Perfect price, fast shipping, and beautiful snake:) I’m happy with my order 🙂

  7. starverse (verified owner)

    I received my male super pastel on Wednesday. He was packaged really well. He came out a little feisty but quickly adjusted. He had his first meal on Sunday. Beautiful snake! I’ll be purchasing from XYZ again!

  8. Andrew Latocha (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with my purchase. My baby snake is beautiful, healthy and very affectionate. She will ball up on my and my sons hands and around my fingers. Feeling safe, warm and secure. She will sit there for as long as I could want her too. She acclimated to her new home quickly and is going to eat for the first time today. I will be purchasing another snake, a male, in the near future. I have every intention of making my next purchase with XYZ! They sell quality, healthy animals and most importantly they care about them.

  9. Christopher Revord (verified owner)

    I can’t believe how fast she came, she is absolutely beautiful. Amazing customer service. I will definitely be back for more in the future.

  10. Jessica Jones (verified owner)

    He was packed well, and the most precious thing. Super tame, and his pictures will never do him justice.

  11. shea8184 (verified owner)

    She arrived very quickly, very well packed and she has a wonderful personality! I couldn’t be happier.

  12. vanessaapriltickles

    We got our baby super pastel yesterday. Very healthy, she ate 2 medium mice 1 yesterday and 1 this morning. She came in well packaged and she is doing very well. We will definitely be getting more from xyz. They are very easy to connect with if you have questions.

  13. kim.animalvet (verified owner)

    I am in absolute love with this guy! He came out a little feisty but has now calmed down and is doing great.

  14. Joseph Thibeau (verified owner)

    She was very nervous at first but after a day of settling and a few minutes of handling she was well warmed up to me. This is my very first reptile and I am super impressed with how it arrived and the current well-being of my beautiful animal.

  15. Cindy Williams (verified owner)

    I got a super pastel for my wife and she is in love with her! Love the fast shipping. I will be getting more soon thanks.

  16. Brooke Stanard (verified owner)

    Best price I’ve seen for this snake and she’s gorgeous 🙂

  17. Karl Webb (verified owner)

    They have been very easy to work with and pictures have been so close! They have good prices and are fast at shipping.

  18. Heaven Odell (verified owner)

    A very beautiful loving snake!

  19. Jose Quinones (verified owner)

    Recieved my Super Pastel and was shocked how beautiful it was . Beautiful color and patterns . Highly recommend these beautiful snakes.

  20. destineyrose6799 (verified owner)

    Very beautiful but aggressive.

  21. Abraham Rocha (verified owner)

    Beautiful colors on my baby Super pastel!! And in perfect shape too! I instantly fell in love from the moment I peeked into her reptile bag she came in. I was very very pleased with the service as well!!! XYZReptiles reached out to setup a the delivery date, considering the cold temps we get up in MN. They were very professional and even sent me a pic of my female baby super pastel right before shipping her. She got here exactly when they said she would and was very nicely packaged with butcher paper in her box to keep her from bouncing around to much in the shipping box! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase!! Loved the experience! First time purchasing from XYZ, but it definitely will not be the last!! Thanks!!

  22. Clayton Keefer (verified owner)

    I received my super pastel on time and in great looking health. She is in her new home and loving it. She even was out exploring a couple days after being in the cage. Super friendly! Will definitely buy from again. Customer service is excellent!

  23. Mike Santa Cruz (verified owner)

    Beautiful ball, healthy, active and eats…very pleased with my order.

  24. Joshu Phillips (verified owner)

    Great snake received on time, arrived in shed ready to go shed came off pretty quick great condition thanks xyz

  25. Karissa Landres

    Just got my baby pastel ball python!! He is soo cute and curious. He is already moving about and being very active and happy 🙂 I am 100% getting from here again when we get our next one 🙂 would recommend to anyone! Thank you

  26. Silk Jones

    Just received my little baby today. She’s bright and really doesn’t mind being touched. This is my 2nd ball python from xyz. I will be shopping again. thanks

  27. Beau McGill (verified owner)

    My super pastel BP was delivered sooner than expected, safe, active, and healthy. He is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t ask for a better pet! Temperament is wonderful, much better than snakes at the local pet store. The whole process was effortless! Definitely be using XYZ for my next snake purchase!!

  28. macylovesanimals (verified owner)

    I received my male super pastel on may 15th, and could not be happier. XYZ texted me directly after I ordered because my shipping and billing address did not match, and when that was quickly resolved, they updated me with the time the snake would be shipped. It arrived early in the morning, packaged very well and without a heat pad because it was very warm in Texas at the time (they account for both the temperature of Florida and where the animal is being sent).

    I had previously been emailing them quite often to ask annoying questions, and they answered almost all of them, and very politely.

    In the box they include a card with the birth month, feeding schedule, and rodent size of the snake. My snake was roughly 9 months old, and while that is much older than I expected, is not a problem at all considering he’s my first snake and was the very last one available.

    He is absolutely gorgeous! His color contrast is amazing, his patterns are very nice, and coloring is very clean. His temperament was great right out of the bag! No mites to be found, and both his weight and health are perfect.

    He is extremely bold and curious, and was trying to explore immediately.

    Fed him on the Sunday after he arrived, and he took it without issue. I have since given him four feedings, and he hasn’t missed a single one.

    He recently shed for the first time with me, and he did so flawlessly. I will likely be posting pictures on their Facebook.

    Overall, I would absolutely recommend XYZ, and will definitely buy from them in the future!

  29. valexis003 (verified owner)

    My baby ball python arrived so much earlier than I expected. 6am and I was super ready for this beauty. He was super calm and didn’t mind being held in order for me to transfer him to his new home. He is really bright and beautiful . I can’t wait to watch him grow.

  30. harr.joshua (verified owner)

    My snake arrived before the time they said it would. She was alert and slightly stressed, but still a sweet snake. Pictures don’t do this snake justice. She is absolutely gorgeous and every one who has seen her has commented on that fact. I know where I’m going to get my future snakes.

  31. Chantel Bass (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase from xyx reptiles and I love it!!! I received my first bumble ball python last year and how I adore my snake. I just received my baby super pastel two days ago and I’m in love with her already. They are well tamed and my kids can enjoy them. They provide you with the best quality snakes they can offer I Love XYZreptiles!!!

  32. jaime.brower (verified owner)

    She arrived healthy and active. Very pretty snake!

  33. James Primeaux (verified owner)

    First of all, the staff at XYZ are very friendly and helpful. Customer service is top notch. They called twice to speak with me about the order, and again to verify that the animal would not be left outside in the heat upon delivery. It is obvious that they really do care about their customers and they take very good care of their animals. My baby male super pastel arrived extremely well packed, and he was safe, very healthy, and is a happy little guy and seems to be acclimating to his new home very well. The pictures of this snake really do not do any justice as he is very bright and beautiful in person. I would highly recommend XYZreptiles to anyone looking for a beautiful healthy amazing animal and top shelf customer service. All around my experience was really positive and I will definitely be doing business with XYZ again in the future. You can definitely buy with confidence knowing you will receive a beautiful well cared for happy animal and can’t beat the service. Thanks to everyone at XYZreptiles for all the hard work and dedication to these amazingly beautiful animals, and to your customers as well. First class all the way. Give them a shot, you won’t be disappointed. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase and the service I received from XYZ. I will definitely be back in the future.

  34. Ashley Maltsbarger (verified owner)

    Love her! She is absolutely gorgeous! Healthy and friendly. She arrived exactly when promised and is adjusting beautifully!!

  35. reidnevillynn (verified owner)


  36. reidnevillynn (verified owner)

    I bought this snake two days ago and he came early yesterday morning before the time they said he would. My snake was super active and friendly, and the pictures don’t do him any justice his colors are super bright. He is perfect definitely gonna do business with them again

  37. bscott2646 (verified owner)

    Thank you guys for the quality service! I’m definitely satisfied about my newest addition. Just gave him his first meal, and he chowed down like a champ. Beautiful color and highly active when roaming around. Once again thanks you guys!!!! Definitely want to do business again in the future.

  38. Robin (verified owner)

    To begin, this is a BEAUTIFUL snake. I was a little unsure about not being able to see it first, but I called and spoke with them and they were kind and helpful. The snake came on time (even too Alaska) and she was packed extremely well, with lots of paddin and heat packs.
    The snake has an extremely sweet personality and you can tell she had been handled and well taken care off. She is a great eater already. I couldn’t have made a better choice!!

  39. Larry (verified owner)

    My snake came in before the time I was told which I was hoping so that was real great . My snake coloration is perfect he was real calm and laid back I also have a regular ball python from pet smart n I couldn’t touch his head without him freaking out but my snake from xyz allows me to rub his head which tells me how great you guys treat your pets I am impressed and will continue service with you guys…

  40. Theophania Kim (verified owner)

    My snake came in on time, was safe, healthy, and has very sweet personality!! I was surprised at just how calm my snake was when she came in which shows that xyz treats their snakes well.

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