Reptile Water Dish Hide Combo 10-30 Count


$99.90 - $269.7

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Our wholesale reptile water dish hide combo is available in both small and medium sizes.  The small is available in a 20 pack and the medium is available in a 30 pack. These reptile water dish hide combos are a brilliant combination of a water bowl and hiding spot in one complete package. They are easy to clean and stack for convenient storage taking up minimal space. The small is ideal for small baby snakes like sand boas and hognose snakes that are being kept in snake racks. The medium is ideal for older sand boas and hognose snakes as well as baby ball pythons and boas. Offer the smaller size to your customers for an easy rack system add on sale and the medium to customers to use in house to save space and money on their setups. You may also want to checkout out our sleek round and box hides available in various sizes.

Ideal for use with 10-20 gallon tanks and terrariums

Wholesale Reptiles Water Dish Hide Specs

Small Reptile water dish measures 4 x 4 x 2 inches

Medium Reptile water dish measures 6 x 6 x 2.25 inches


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