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Buy reptiles wholesale with cheap shipping. Supply your customers healthy, correctly sexed wholesale reptiles for sale from XYZReptiles. We also offer a nice variety of wholesale reptile supplies and accessories including lighting, hides, habitats, feeding and much more.

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Verified Customer Reviews

Rachel Precichi
caldendar iconSeptember 17, 2021

Day 2 on having my ball phyton and she ate this little pinky right up! Good stuff!... Read more

Arjun Varma
caldendar iconSeptember 10, 2021

This is my second CA boa from XYZ, and it won’t be the last. Beautiful dark colored male. He was a bit out of it when he arrived (understandably) and over the last three days he’s becoming adjusted to his new enclosure. I thoroughly appreciate... Read more

Bradley Houston
caldendar iconSeptember 10, 2021

I’m very happy and excited to have a beautiful red tail boa. The customer service was great! They contacted me bout shipping due to weather and they even searched for the closest hub to deliver to. They asked if that was ok as it was only 15 min aw... Read more

Samantha Knight
caldendar iconSeptember 10, 2021

Thank you so much XYZ! This Male Ghost Pastel is pretty! I don't like reptiles, he was a gift for our son. He was very active from the moment he got into the enclosure. The shipping and billing process was very easy. XYZ worked with us and we receive... Read more