Albino Boa Constrictor

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Species: Boa constrictor imperator Length: Approximately 12-16 inches Diet: Live and Frozen/Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A8302Categories:
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Each albino boa constrictor for sale is healthy and colorful. The albino boa constrictor is a yellow colored version of the popular Colombian red tail boa with pink to orange colored saddles and a red tail. Albino Colombian boas are one of the original color mutations of the pet snake and are sought after by many reptile keepers.

3 reviews

  1. harris.tracy00 (verified owner)

    I ordered a albino boa constrictor from XYZ reptiles; by far this was the best and cleanest looking snake that I added to my collection of boa constrictors. The skin on the snake is flawless and the price I paid was an excellent price and I will most definitely do business with them again shipping was on schedule thank you x y z reptiles

  2. sriddle4698 (verified owner)

    A person is only allowed to give a five star rating but my new male Albino Boa deserves a much higher rating. I did not receive him the next day after ordering but I knew that when I ordered him. He was ordered on a weekend but was shipped expediently when Monday came. This is my second purchase from XYZ and I am still impressed. Once again, AWESOME JOB!!! XYZ still has my recommendation and my business!

  3. quintonrobinson382

    I got my Albino the next day and she was very nice with a clean pattern, good looking. This has been the 3rd snake I got from XYZ and I would recommend anyone to come here and purchase a snake. I’m a very happy customer. Anything you need to know they will have the answer to it. Thank you much you guys ??

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