Baby Hypo Columbian Boa Constrictor

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Species: Boa constrictor imperator Length: 18-20 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Medium Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4323Categories:
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The hypo Columbian boa constrictor is a genetically co-dominant version of the popular Colombian red tail boa. Our baby hypo Colombian boa constrictors for sale are beautiful, make great pets and are very useful for breeding projects.

19 reviews

  1. Tyler Reeves (verified owner)

    Another 5 star review for xyz reptiles. I reached out to them on a Sunday, the immediately sent me photos of the specimens I was inquiring for. We made a decision. They notated my order for the specific snake i wanted. He was shipped out on Tuesday and arrived safely on Wednesday. The snake is so beautiful! I could type word for word what everyone else said in there review, he’s perfect.
    The only thing I recommend is taking the shipping location into consideration. There was 1 hot pack in the snakes package and it was on the top of the box. The snake being at the bottom of the box. The temperature in my state was 35 degrees during time of shipping. Maybe putting a small hot pack the bottom, paper, animal, paper then your medium hot pack on top will help regulate the temperature a little more. Bc lil man was cold when we got him out.

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello and thank you for your review. We have to take all temperatures throughout the entire shipping chain into account when deciding on what to put in the box to keep the animal safe. It is much easier to hurt the animal due to overheating it.

  2. Bradley Allen (verified owner)

    Very active beautiful specimen, healthy and vibrant. I am very impressed. This is third snake purchased from XYZ. They very helpful with any issues I have had.. I would recommend XYZ and buy from them again.

  3. David Ferraiuolo (verified owner)

    At first I thought I had the wrong boa because she was darker but after a hour of being in a warm enclosure her colors changed alot and she looks great! She is always climbing and laying up high on the vines, she doesn’t even use the hides. I now have a baby banana enchi BP and baby hypo columbian boa, and from what I can see they love having big enclosures. Even though people say they don’t feel safe.

  4. Allysa Wolf (verified owner)

    My snake showed up in amazing shape. Seems to be used to being handled. His colors are even more spectacular than I imagined. I can’t wait to get a female from xyz! Amazing service. I am one happy customer. My kids, me and my husband are so happy!

  5. Rikki Dyer (verified owner)

    He is absolutely stunning and has such a sweet docile demeanor. So happy with this purchase, I will be back!

  6. erodriguez.h7 (verified owner)

    Arrived perfectly fine and healthy. He’s been loving his new tank and is very social! Highly recommend purchasing from this company. I will definitely be doing so again soon.

  7. Julie Adams (verified owner)

    Arrived very lively and shes been exploring her new tank. Highly recommended purchasing from this company.

  8. Brian Langton (verified owner)

    She arrived alive and alert! Beautiful little hypo.

  9. lpntobenora (verified owner)

    Love my boa, although he was in shed. Very tame, didn’t even get a hiss 🙂

  10. Treveon Archibald (verified owner)

    Love this company. Got my boa super fast. And he shed a perfect shed after 10 minutes of having him. Will be buying from xyz again.

  11. Cori Spencer (verified owner)

    Beautiful and healthy! I can’t say enough great things about the new additions to our home. The two baby hypo boas are very healthy, active and alert. I look forward to many years with them.

  12. Jeffery Ball (verified owner)

    I cannot praise XYZ enough. I want to say my baby female hypo boa came exactly as expected, but I can’t. She didn’t. She is so much better than I could have imagined. She is beautiful, healthy, active and vibrant. She is perfect. The pictures do no justice. She arrived very fast. Healthy and vibrant. Very active. She ate for me 1 day later. Great company. Great products. Great service. Highly recommended. I will be ordering again… and again… Thanks XYZ! Job well done!

  13. fearl823 (verified owner)

    Got her next day after I ordered. She is beautiful and healthy. She just finished shedding which is a perfect shed. It says a lot about the care she received before I got her. First feeding she accepted
    frozen/thawed with no issues. Customer service was great,
    2 thumbs up to xyzreptiles:)

  14. Christian Davidson (verified owner)

    Perfect snake. 1 day early too!

  15. Jaylin Hamilton (verified owner)

    Amazing place to buy snakes from. A1 customer service any questions and concerns they can answer it.

  16. Dean Turner (verified owner)

    Received my hypo Colombian boa in great condition. He’s very tame and healthy…I will definitely order from here in the future.

  17. Zachary Ellington (verified owner)

    He’s so beautiful and calm. Best little noodle I could’ve asked for. Healthy and spry. And I have to say the customer support and care that went into me getting him was the best I’ve ever had in my life. Thanks XYZ!

  18. reptilezone49 (verified owner)

    Saludos esta fue mi 1 compra con ustedes creo que fue espectacular muy profesional de parte de ustedes xyz Reptiles sobre todo la boa llego super contenta muy activa,llego 1 hora antes de lo acordado, estaba planificado para las 10.30am pero esta llegó a las 9.30am agradezco a ustedes por su compromiso y responsabilidad y su servicio de primera,obviamente volveré a seguir comprando a ustedes y recomendaría a que otros se unan y hagan sus compras sin ninguna preocupación.
    Gracias por el servicio brindado…

  19. bigfh64 (verified owner)

    A great place to buy from. She arrived healthy and ate right away. They’ve answered any questions I’ve asked will be buying from again soon Thank XYX

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