Baby Super Hypo Boa Constrictor

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Species: Boa constrictor imperator Length: 14-16 inches Diet: rodents Image: Representative Image SKU:A4315Categories:
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The Baby Super Hypo Boa Contrictor is a genetically homozygous version of the hypo boa. Our Baby Super Hypo Boa Constrictors for sale are beautiful and very useful for breeding projects.

1 review

  1. Christopher Bryant (verified owner)

    Amazing snake and amazing service. This was my first snake, I did all the research and finally decided on a boa. Got him the other day and he is a beautiful snake. It will take some time to learn about each other but we have a great number of years to do that. I am also quite happy with the customer service I received, and it will not be the only purchase I make. I love snakes and now know I will definitely be back to buy others.

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