Baby Motley Boa Constrictor

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Species: Boa constrictor imperator Length: 18-20 inches Diet: rodents Image: Representative Image SKU:A4309Categories:
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The motley boa constrictor is a striped constrictor with a circular dorsal pattern. They are a co-dominant gene that can be bred into other Boa morphs to create stunning combinations. Our baby motley boa constrictors for sale are healthy, tame and are proven feeders.

7 reviews

  1. Michael Townley (verified owner)

    Got mine yesterday, came out very active and seems healthy. I will most likely order another animal from here in the future.

  2. Breon Crawford (verified owner)

    I was kind of expecting my lil guy to come with some sort of heat pack. I didn’t use a heat gun but he was a bit cold to the touch for a November shipment. My suggestion is to add heat in the winter months. Anyway im enjoying my purchase and he’s doing well. Thanks guys! ?

  3. Nate Galli (verified owner)

    First time buying from xyzReptiles and I am very pleased! My female Motley Boa arrived fast and safe. She is healthy and looks amazing thanks so much! I will definitely be buying from here again in the near future! Thanks again so very much.

  4. Ian (verified owner)

    If you’re reading this review, feel safe in making your animal purchases here. The prices are very competitive and their customer service is amazing! They answered all my questions very promptly and worked with me when it came to the delivery of my boa. Now on to my awesome new male motley. The packaging that he came in was perfect; I could tell that he was very secure in the box and the heat pad did its job of keeping him warm. I’ve had my baby motley now for three weeks and he is perfectly healthy. He has a very healthy body size, is active, and has taken all three meals that have been offered. Couldn’t be happier with my new snake, and my decision to buy from these guys!

  5. quintonrobinson382 (verified owner)

    I have ordered two snakes from XYZ and all of them have been great. I just got my Motley two days ago and he is very calm and very nice. I have been asking everyone I know to order from here because 100% I know that the snake will get there fine and alive. Thank you for giving me the chance to buy from you and I will be purchasing more from you. ????

  6. dooleyredsox84 (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with the staff member I spoke with on the phone. He was professional, very helpful and patient answering all of the questions I had. When my Motley arrived I was extremely happy and overly satisfied with her beauty. She is going to make beautiful babies in a couple years 🙂 I am going to refer all my friends to you guys and I am going to purchase my male snake from you as well. You have the best prices I personally have ever seen! Thank you so much, I am looking forward to doing business again soon. -Josh

  7. mckinnis60 (verified owner)

    Service was great! My motley boa was prettier than I ever could have imagined. THAN YOU SO MUCH XYZREPTILES! !

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