Premium Aspen Snake Bedding

(6 Customer Reviews)


  • 99.9% dust free
  • 191% absorbency rate
  • Odorless and contains no toxic oils
  • Easy to clean and safe for all reptiles
  • Ideal for dryer climate pets
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XYZReptiles premium aspen snake bedding is a green product that has no toxic oils and is safe for all snakes. Being 99.9% dust free and having a 191% absorbency rate, it is easy to see why  our premium aspen snake bedding is preferred by pet owners and professional herpers alike.

Looking for the best ball python bedding or corn snake bedding?  Our trusted snake substrate is safe, odorless and easy to clean.

We offer our snake substrate in convenient multiple packs.  Our single pack equals 4 quarts, a 2 pack equals 8 quarts and a 3 pack equals 12 quarts. This makes it easy to keep on hand to ensure your reptile pets habitat stays clean and tidy. Remember, a clean habitat will help ensure a healthy and happy reptile pet.

For those wih pets from a tropical or semi-tropical climate may want to consider our premium coconut fiber bedding as a choice.

We recommend:

4 Quarts for a 10 gallon habitat

8 Quarts for a 20 gallon habitat

12 Quarts for a 30 gallon habitat


6 reviews

  1. chandlerashley59 (verified owner)

    Works amazing, smells lovely and George seems to like it!

  2. bridgerhunt37 (verified owner)

    I like this substrate a lot and it’s good for most pets. Easy to clean and easy to see processed food.

  3. Leena Law (verified owner)

    Me and my snake both love it. It allows them to borrow and feel safe and doesn’t hurt them.

  4. Catherine Graves (verified owner)

    I love this bedding! I have used it for every reptile I have had.

  5. Nick Oldenbourg (verified owner)

    Very nice aspen bedding. Perfect for hognose as they can burrow in it to their hearts content and it holds it shape. 8 quarts is a good amount to use for a 28 quart tub.

  6. Henry Pereira (verified owner)

    Can’t wait for my bedding to arrive. I already got my lil snake!

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