Sea Grape Leaves

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Our sea grape leaves are available in a 10 pack and 1 gallon bag. You may also want to check out our other reptile bedding.

Key Sea Grape Leaves Benefits

  • Gives the enclosure a more natural look as well as making hiding spots within the layers of the leaves. when it slowly decomposes it turns into nutrients for the substrate.
  • Perfect for Microfauna, small reptiles, and amphibians for hiding under and in between the leaves.
  • Due to the large size of the leaves, it can help prevent possible impaction by covering up large amounts of potential obscurities in the substrate.
  • All leaves are pesticide and herbicide free and are completely safe to add to any enclosure.
  • They hold up well over time in higher humidity enclosures.

1 review

  1. wolvehounds (verified owner)

    XYZReptiles always out does itself with quality products and great people.

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