Live Oak Leaf Litter

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  • Free 30 Day Returns
  • 100% pesticide and herbicide free
  • Leaf litter traps humidity to support microfauna such as isopods and springtails
  • Provides shelter, visible barrier and hiding places for microfauna
  • Organic material decays overtime providing a food source for microfauna and adding nutrients back into the environment
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Our live oak leaf litter is collected from 100% pesticide and herbicide free environments. Isopods should always have a constant source of leaf litter inside their enclosure. This allows them to consume the organic material over time, while offering shelter. Isopods will not only consume the leafs, but often prefer to hide underneath them. It looks great in a naturalistic vivarium as well. Our live oak leaves break down over time and will eventually be consumed by any isopods in the enclosure.

Leaf litter plays a very important role in a naturalistic vivarium as well as any isopod enclosure. The leaf litter provides shelter, visual barriers, and hiding places for the inhabitants. Each live oak leaf also puts nutrients back into the environment, providing plants and microfauna with food needed to thrive!

One gallon of leaf litter will cover approximately 1.5 square feet to the desired depth of 1. You may also want to check out our other reptile bedding.

Key Live Oak Leaf Liter Benefits

  • Microfauna such as isopods and springtails thrive in humid environments that leaf litter helps create. The leaf litter helps trap humidity underneath which the microfauna need in order to live happy and healthy lives.
  • Decaying leaf materials add nutrients to the substrate as they decompose over time. The substrate is enriched with the input of the nutrients from decaying leaf litter.
  • As the leaf litter decays over time, the isopods will feed on the organic material. Leaf litter is food for both isopods and your substrate.
  • Leaf litter is not only food, but also shelter for isopods. When placed in multi-teared systems, this creates crevasses in between the leaves where the isopods will hide.
  • When used in bioactive enclosures with other reptiles and amphibians, the layers of leaf litter can help prevent impaction. By creating a barrier between the possibly dangerous materials within the substrate and the surface area.

7 reviews

  1. Jayme Roberts (verified owner)

    The best leaf litter out there hands down. Leaves are clean and lay flat on the substrate, always high quality. Always arrive fast and in great condition. Perfect fit for amphibian tanks!

  2. ercbf121 (verified owner)

    Bought for my gecko tank. Packaging was great and the quality was amazing. I ordered on a Sunday night and received it on Wednesday. Shipping was super fast!. This was my first time ordering from xyz, it definitely will not be my last. Thank you so much for getting these out so fast to me!

  3. Anthony Howell (verified owner)

    Used this for my isopods in my ball python enclosure. Packaging was great, shipping was fast and they look amazing in my tank.

  4. Alyssa Stark (verified owner)

    The shipping was quick, everything arrived on time. My isopods will love these to snack on.

  5. lkdnichols99 (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, good packaging.

  6. Juan Zavala (verified owner)

    Isopods loved it! A must have for any isopod enclosure.

  7. Leslie MacGregor (verified owner)

    Each bag, even the smaller size, is really generous! My isopods really like hiding under and nibbling on the leaves. great purchase!

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