Bioactive Substrate ISO Mix

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The XYZReptiles isopod bioactive substrate is a rich mixture of organic materials that are perfectly blended to help ensure the health of your isopod pet. Our bioactive substrate or ISO mix as it is known contains no chemicals. This makes it a favorite among isopod owners and enthusiast.

It is our very own special blend of premium organic soil, peat moss, sand, horticulture carbon, long fiber New Zealand Sphagnum moss, and organic live oak leaf litter. Our isopod substrate allows for proper burrowing behavior. It also provides the ideal humidity level needed for any isopod culture to thrive.

While our ISO mix provides the ideal environment for isopod pets, it is also an excellent addition to arachnid environments. As an added bonus, it provides food for your isopods. This happens as the components break down over time. Our ISO Mix substrate can last up to a year with proper maintenance. This helps you save on your isopod habitat needs by not having to replace it so frequently.

7 reviews

  1. Alyssa Bolinger (verified owner)

    Awesome substrate! Works great in my tank!!

  2. ang3019 (verified owner)

    I am so happy with this ISOMIX. I’m excited to have an eco-friendly, self-sustaining cage for my lizards. I researched this a lot and found the best price at XYZReptiles. I will definitely purchase this product again.

  3. lkdnichols99 (verified owner)

    Nice Mix! My Isopods like it.

  4. Juan Zavala (verified owner)

    Very good mix for Isopods! Maintains good humidity. Would definitely recommend.

  5. Joel Selph (verified owner)

    I buy all of my Isopod Substrate from XYZReptiles. All of my Isopods are thriving in it. I highly recommend!

  6. Elizabeth Parker (verified owner)

    Got it thank you

  7. Joel Selph (verified owner)

    I ordered Isopods and Bioactive Substrate for them. They care about the animals they send you because they wouldn’t even ship them until the next Monday. They arrived extremely fast after shipment and they were all alive and very active and healthy! They even had a cold pack in with them so that they wouldn’t get too hot during shipment. They sent a huge bag of Substrate with everything that you need to keep them healthy. It was very impressive! I would definitely recommend this company and will definitely be ordering from them again in the future!

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