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Dark Morphs – The Cinnamon Ball Python vs The Black Pastel Ball Python

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Looking back to the origin of certain Ball Python Morphs after more than a decade is a fun thing that us Ball Python Nerds tend to do from time to time. One interesting fact is that 68 miles and a few days in the summer of 2002 is all that stands between two of the most powerful base morphs in Ball Python history. The Cinnamon ball Python and the Black Pastel Ball python share many similarities and a few stark differences and as far as Dark Ball Python Morphs go we would be lost without them. So here is a little history that can be credited to a couple of the older guys from Florida and their hard work over the last fifteen years.

The Super Cinnamon and Other Great Cinnamon Combos

The Cinnamon Pastel was first produced by Greg Graziani in 2002 and has gone on to create some amazing combos in the years since. After the creation of the Cinnamon Pewter and the Super Cinnamon things started to get a bit weird. Fast forward fourteen years and today you can find bizarre combos like the 8 Ball Matter, Andromeda, Biohazard and Bush Fire just to name a few. These morphs combos could not have happened had it not been for the reproduction of that first Cinnamon Ball Python and knowing this it is tempting to imagine how many hundreds or thousands of new combinations remain to be uncovered in the coming years.

The Black Pewter Ball Python and Other Great Black Pastel Combos

That same year around an hour’s drive away from Venus Florida Chris McQuade is credited with making the first Black Pastel Ball Python. Fast forward a dozen years and you have yourself a handful of monstrous sounding combos like the Apollo Ball, Black Acid Ball, Black Nightmare Ball and who could forget the Black Snow Ball. The similarities between the two base morphs start to disappear in some combos and the lines get blurred again in others. The one thing that I have realized over the years is that combining the two morphs will ensure greater stability in the Supers and a lack of facial deformity and kinking in albino and ghost super combos.

Finding These and Other Beautiful Ball Python Morphs for Sale

These days it’s hard to say what combo has which base morph in it and as the direct links to the originators of the line get stretched and sometimes breaks there is a potential for the misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the genetics through the breeding of unverified animals. Although finding these beautiful combos has never been easier with the classification of the morphs through some of the best informational websites. At xyzReptiles we have a section dedicated to the Black Pastel and cinnamon ball python morphs and combos and have a regular availability of these base morphs as well as many of their combos. Check back often as the incubators are starting to fill up with the 2016 production and it should be a good one.

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