Okeetee Corn Snake

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Species: Pantherophis guttatus  Sex: Unsexed Length: Approximately 14-16 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4725Categories:
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Each Okeetee corn snake for sale at XYZReptiles is a captive bred and born specimen. Our baby Okeetee corn snakes for sale are feeding regularly on either frozen thawed or live pinky mice. These beautiful snakes are named after the location they were first found in. They are one of the more visually distinct of the corn snake morphs with bright red and contrasting black bands. At XYZReptiles we work hard to bring you a number of other baby corn snake combos. Remember that even though these snakes may look different from each other they are all the same species and require the same care and maintenance in captivity.

Okeetee Corn Snake Care

Okeetee corn snake care is exactly the same as any other corn snake mutation. The perfect habitat size for a baby snake is a small terrarium equipped with a reptile heating pad. You can use either aspen bedding or coconut bark bedding for the enclosure. Use either a small hide spot and a small water bowl or maybe the water bowl and hide combination that we carry. Another item that all reptile tanks need is a digital thermometer to assess the temperature for safety. Finally baby corn snakes need a meal of a frozen thawed pinky or fuzzy mouse every 4-7 days. They have a high metabolism and therefore need more meals than a python or boa would.

Our article, is a corn snake is the right pet me may aid in your decision.

10 reviews

  1. joanne.yeager (verified owner)

    The snake was well packaged, arrived quickly and safely! Loved that there was a card telling his birthday and when he last ate! Super helpful.

  2. disc0john (verified owner)

    This little girl was well packaged and arrived healthy as can be. I couldn’t ask for anything more. She’s beautiful!

  3. vicarizona (verified owner)

    Incredibly fast and smooth transaction. The snake was well packaged and arrived safe. I highly recommend to use the pick up at the location option. Best experience hands down!

  4. Paula Wheeler (verified owner)

    Beautiful beautiful okeetee corn snake . I highly recommend! Snake arrived on time and ALIVE! Highly recommend and I will be purchasing again .

  5. Rudy Zubia (verified owner)

    Stunning and awesome Okeetee corn snake from XYZReptiles. Never disappointed when I make a reptile purchase from here😎

  6. Ronald Fallis (verified owner)

    Arrived alive and well. Today is feeding day, see how that goes. Ordered Monday evening 08 MAR 2021, delivered Wednesday 10 Mar 2012 afternoon 2:27pm. Beautiful snake. XYZ did an excellent job.

  7. Bryan Draves (verified owner)

    Snake arrived warm and lively. Would definitely buy from xyz again without hesitation!

  8. Scott Armstrong (verified owner)

    I ordered a pair of Okeetee corn snakes. I was worried if they would make it to me alive because of cold weather. XYZ reptiles didn’t want to ship for the safety of the animals until checking the shippers website. They shipped and I was able to pick them up at the shipping center. The corn snakes were just fine. They even ate for me an hour later. It really worked out well.

  9. Les Stephens (verified owner)

    Snake arrived in perfect health. It has great colors!!! Very satisfied!!

  10. yrebarchek (verified owner)

    I ordered a male Okatee corn snake, and he arrived healthy and adorable. He was a little shy at first, but I was able to hold him after giving him some time to adjust.

    The only thing I did not like was the shipping time. As it took quite some time for him to arrive despite being priority overnight shipping. However, after he finally arrived, I saw how healthy he is. I recommend ordering one, as they are gorgeous.

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