Mexican Black Kingsnake For Sale

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Species: Lampropeltis getula nigrita Length: Approximately 14-18 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4708Categories:
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Our Mexican black kingsnakes for sale are healthy, active babies that are feeding regularly. We feed a diet of both frozen-thawed and live rodents. The Mexican black kingsnake is a solid black colored colubrid snake. They can reach over 36 inches in length as adults.  The Mexican black kingsnake for sale that you purchase will always be covered by our live arrival guarantee. It will also be shipped overnight for the safety of the animal. You may also be interested some of our other king snakes as well.

19 reviews

  1. Heather King (verified owner)

    Beautiful snake! Very happy with the purchase and might get another one!!

  2. miajitta (verified owner)

    First time buyer and I’ll say I am very impressed with everything and will be buying again soon!

  3. lanaarankin05 (verified owner)

    Timely overnight shipping, securely packaged, active, and healthy snake. Only wish I received info regarding DOB/age, last feeding, last shed, etc. Otherwise no issues!

  4. rodbabcock (verified owner)

    I ordered a male Mexican Black Kingsnake on Sunday it, shipped on Tuesday and arrived at the FedEx Hub on Wednesday before 12:00 pm. I picked up the package drove home with excitement to see my new baby that had just arrived. I opened the package that was packed professionally to guarantee live delivery. My little guy was active, moving around the container he was in. After 24 hours of being in a container he was glad to get out. I put him in his new enclosure and he settled in nicely and has made himself at home. He ate a pinky mouse today, 4 days later. I got a great price and everything from the purchase to the delivery went flawless. I am very pleased and will use XYZ-Reptiles again in the future.

    This was my first reptile I have order online, so I was a little leery about the process but XYZ has gained my confidence.

  5. michael borghese (verified owner)

    First time buyer here. I have to tell you I was a little skeptical on purchasing a reptile on line. I can tell you I was pleasantly surprised… Very impressed on all accounts!!!

    I received my Mexican King Snake in a very well insulated boxed with instructions and the date she was born and the days she gets fed.

    XYZReptiles exceeded all of my expectations from customer service to shipping!
    My snake is absolutely beautiful, Eating already and I will absolutely be doing business again with them!

    Thank you

  6. Lydia Moore (verified owner)

    This is my 2nd purchase here. My first was a Leucistic Blue-eyed Ball Python (Ophelia). Since she was so sweet and I had a great first experience, I had no need to purchase reptiles anywhere else. I loooove my MBK (Kaneki). I was a little nervous, since I’ve researched MBK for a while and saw mixed cases of defensive and non-defensive scenarios, so I asked for the friendliest and blackest and I got just that. He is sooooo gentle and sweet! Even when he eats, he slowly opens his mouth and grabs his food. Thank you, XYZ!!

  7. Elisa moreno (verified owner)

    It was my first time purchasing a reptile online and from another state so I was a bit nervous but thanks to your great customer service, and how informative and helpful you were when I called it made things easier for me. My son is very happy with is Mexican Black King Snake which arrived right before Christmas, so it was perfect. We will definitely be doing business with you in the future.

  8. Irvine Garza (verified owner)

    Received a beautiful, healthy snake. Fast shipping and on time delivery! Will definitely do businesses again.

  9. Kaley Scott (verified owner)

    He arrived on time, alive and healthy. Will order from XYZ again, very satisfied!

  10. rmeza.d.r84 (verified owner)

    Got my MBK girl, she is super kool and doing good. I LOVE HER as does my son lol. I like that they show that they fed her before they sent her and that I can call them to talk about my MBK and any info I need. That’s how you get and keep people wanting to come back and stay.

  11. drtyrdr71 (verified owner)

    Received my Mexican Black Kingsnake today and I am very pleased. Beautiful, healthy snake and is already settling in well. This is my second purchase from xyzreptiles and they are one of the best in the business. Reliable order processing and shipping, great customer service and awesome specimens. Will be back for more!

  12. chrismolina2795 (verified owner)

    The snake is very beautiful and has no problem feeding. I will order again for sure!

  13. josuelima12435 (verified owner)

    Female MBK came in today healthy and beautiful. Very pleased with Xyz.

  14. Zhizhou Zhu (verified owner)

    Had a positive experience. My Mexican Black King Snake arrived safe and sound. The weather was too cold in my address for door to door delivery, and customer service made sure they verify with me first before shipping to the nearest fedex center for pickup. They also kindly included the information of the snake (birth date, feeding schedule etc), which was very helpful. Will definitely consider ordering from them again if I am to get another reptile.

  15. stephenswan123 (verified owner)

    I ordered an MBK female and she arrived a little late but that was due to fed ex and it being the holidays so that’s okay. She’s absolutely beautiful and so cute. Packaging was excellent. Highly recommend this website for reptile lovers. Thanks XYZ!!


  16. John Rodrigues (verified owner)

    My snake arrived on time and alive. Made my wife very happy, they are inseparable and she has named her Salem.. She is very good quality snake and very energetic.. thank you so much.

  17. Cole Larson (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be happier, the MBK I ordered is super healthy and has a very energetic personality. Beautiful snake and I highly recommend purchasing from xyz reptiles. Using xyz reptiles was an amazing experience. Upon ordering my MBK I needed to change the shipping method, within the first 2 rings the phone picked up and in the next 15 seconds the shipping method was updated! They even texted me a picture of the shipping label and new address for the FedEX location. Cant wait to see XYZ continue to grow and offer even more reptiles! You guys rock! 🙂

  18. Hilda Hui (verified owner)

    Got my first, dream snake an MBK from xyz reptiles. Arrived next day morning with proper packaging. She is lively and nervous, rattling tail nonstop upon arrival for the first day. Calmed down, curious and docile in two days. Very relaxed and curious being handled. Fed and bathroomed okay! Happy owner!

  19. finchbear1999 (verified owner)

    We had a Mexican black kingsnake many years ago and he was a favorite of ours. We’ve been looking for another for some time but they’re hard to come by. We were very excited to find them available here at XYZReptiles and ordered one right away. We were not disappointed. He’s very healthy, lively, and no flaws to be seen. The packaging ensured he arrived safely despite the cold weather. We are very happy and impressed.

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