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Species: Heterodon nasicus  Length: Approximately 7-9 inches Diet: Live and Frozen/Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4403Categories:
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Every anaconda hognose snake for sale alternates between live and frozen/thawed pinkies weekly. Our baby anaconda hognose snakes for sale are great looking hognose morphs with huge potential for breeding projects. They are full of personality and this species will even to play dead if they feel threatened.

13 reviews

  1. Ashleigh OBrien (verified owner)

    My hognose has been here about two weeks, and is settling in great . He’s been very lively and eating well. He has never seemed scared or shy. Very happy with my decision to order from xyz.

  2. marta.morais1985 (verified owner)

    It was a great experience. When I had questions I emailed them and they responded. The snake arrived with no issues they even sent a card with all the snakes information.

  3. jsalser (verified owner)

    Over all it was great. I called to ask questions and they were willing to help me out as a first time snake owner. The shipping of the snake was outstanding and I received the snake the next day with no issues.

  4. NICHOLAS SMITH (verified owner)

    My anaconda hognose arrived on time and was healthy. She is very tame and has great markings. The only complaint I have was communication between customer service and me. I wanted to know what size she was going to be and they said check original post. I did and nothing on size and they wouldn’t write me back. She was very young and small but all good I’m still happy with her.

    • XYZReptiles

      Hello Nicholas, thank you for your review. Our anaconda hognose snakes are approximately 7-9 inches in length. This is stated on the page as the second point under the species name. This is were customer service was directing you.

  5. Michael McCurdy

    Have had my western hognose snake for a few weeks now. I haven’t had any problems holding her. She has a very great appetite and would eat so much more if I let her. My granddaughter just loves her and I told her if anything ever happens to me it’s hers.

  6. Flori-Lee Ashline (verified owner)

    We received our baby girl who we named Latte, on Wednesday. She arrived in terrific shape, very bright eyed and curious from the start. She is super friendly and she had her first feeding with us this afternoon and had a terrific feeding response. We absolutely adore her and plan on getting more snakes from these guys in the future. Thank you XYZ!! ???❤️?

  7. Joseph Schmidt (verified owner)

    Received her 3 days ago. She was very active and looked at me when I placed her in the terrarium. She was active on the second day roaming the cage. 3rd day I put her inside a small tupperware bowl with a pinky and ate it within 2 mins..I was sooo happy she ate for the first time, so quickly.. I love this hoggy already. Thanks XYZ! I’ll be getting a male in the near future.

  8. Christina Powell (verified owner)

    This is an extremely professional company. They shipped all four of my hognoses in a very safe, and informative manner. Will definitely be purchasing from XYZ again.

  9. Paul Blalock (verified owner)

    Just the perfect hoggie!! Couldn’t be more happy – beautiful anaconda girl, very healthy and alert upon arrival. Great customer service – will be getting any future reptiles from XYZ.

  10. Autumn Curry (verified owner)

    Love my new baby hognose!!! She came in perfect condition and I love that there was a card in the box that told me her birthday and when she got fed. Will definitely be ordering another reptile in the future!

  11. kassrodriguez11 (verified owner)

    I ordered an anaconda as my second Hognose from xyz. He came healthy and calm, just like my first Hognose. His pattern is also much more beautiful than I thought it would be. I definitely think xyz have very fair prices. When I am ready for another Hognose I will always come back to xyzreptiles.

  12. cts0804 (verified owner)

    I was very nervous about having a snake sent so far, let alone in December. That being said, she seems to be in very good health and ate for me the day after her arrival. Shopping with you was a great experience and should I decide that one snake is not enough, I surely will come back again.

  13. diane_h_123 (verified owner)

    I was a bit nervous ordering a reptile that would be shipped via mail, but he came in perfect shape. He’s gorgeous and ate well for me yesterday. Thank you XYZreptiles!

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