snow corn snake

Snow Corn Snake

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Species: Pantherophis guttatus  Length: Approximately 14-16 inches Diet: Live and Frozen-Thawed Pinkie Mice Image: Representative Image SKU:A4732 Categories:
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The snow corn snake is a beautiful combination of an anery corn snake and albino corn snake. Not only is this snake rare for it’s looks but it is also highly popular overseas. This makes them difficult for customers to find in the U.S.

Our baby snow corn snakes for sale are captive born. They are feeding on a mixture of frozen thawed and live pinky mice. Each baby corn snake for sale has fed multiple times while in our care before offered for sale.

We provide additional information about your new pet snake that you will find on a card inside the shipping box. You can find useful information about your snake such as: its date of birth, the day of the week it’s fed as well as the food item size.

Regardless of the color and the pattern of the corn snakes that we sell at XYZReptiles, the care for them all is exactly the same. Look below for a quick walk through on corn snake care and setup. You can also find several other corn snake morphs for sale in a dedicated category on the site.

We offer a prepackaged corn snake habitat that includes everything you will need less a 10 gallon tank for your baby snow corn snake. This habitat includes a hide spot, water bowl, decorative vine and bedding. This bedding is our recommend aspen bedding for corn snakes.

We added some sphagnum moss as well to help create a damp area to aid in shedding. Finally, we included a small heating pad, digital thermometer and a collapsible snake hook. Simply add this corn snake stup to a 10 gallon tank with a locking lid and you are all set.

Snow Corn Snake Care

As mentioned earlier, this snake is exactly like the other corn snakes on the site. We recommend setting up our baby snow corn snake for sale in a small tank or terrarium. Place a heat pad on one side and the hide and water bowl on the other side. Remove dirty bedding and change entirely every two or three weeks.

If you are setting up a bioactive envirnment for your snow corn snake check out our isopods. They make great cleanup crews when added to reptile environments.

Next you will want to attach your digital thermometer to the interior of the terrarium. This will enable you to monitor the ambient temperature of your snow corn snake’s living quarters at all times.

Once the baby snow corn snake is settled in and comfortable, you will want to pick a feeding day and attempt feeding. This can be with either a frozen thawed or a live pinky mouse. The proper feeding schedule for a baby corn snake is every 5-7 days and the proper tank temperature is 82-84 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are trying to decide if a corn snake is the right pet for you reading this article may help.

1 review

  1. hwvbpgr (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with the arrival of our “Nova”, our snow corn snake. She arrived packaged as expected. Her coloration was as described, as was her size. She had evidently been handled and shown affection. We have had no issues holding or feeding her. We are completely smitten with this cutie. We will make more purchases in the future.

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