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Snake Care

Unlike most other pets, reptiles are easy and inexpensive to set up and maintain. The challenge comes in the variety of animals and the diverse environments they inhabit in the wild. Once you research and find out what your animal needs the next step is to provide an approximate reproduction of that habitat in your home. Snake care and setup is easier than most other reptiles and once you have this done maintenance should be a relatively easy process. You can find individualized species setup requirements on the drop down menu under care sheets on our site.

Snake Mites and Shedding

Two of the most common problems faced by reptile keepers are snake mites and shedding problems. There are simple solutions to both of these situations and if you follow our species specific protocol you will have the problem solved in a matter of days and go back to enjoying your reptile pets. Like the setup process dealing with these issues can differ from animal to animal so we have taken the time to explain these issues as they pertain to the many different types of snakes we offer at xyzReptiles. These solutions can be accessed through our main drop down menu.

Snake Feeding Issues

Another common problem that keepers face most often is snake feeding. There is a proper diet and a proper meal size for every snake and following the correct procedure will ensure that your animal never misses a meal. Most problems associated with feeding can stem from a lack of heating or poor meal options. Like other maintenance issues feeding is species specific and tailored solutions for feeding problems can be found in our drop down menu.

The Science of Snake Breeding and Regulations

Although snake breeding is not a problem it is a science learned through many years of trial and error and to achieve the best results year after year you will need to have the proper setup, the proper temperature and proper light cycles. We have spent 25 years accumulating this knowledge and will be happy to share it with you. Keep in mind that breeding reptiles may take you out of the pet keeper qualification in the eyes of your state governments. Most states have a fish and wildlife department and through their websites you can learn about any paperwork that may be needed for your breeding project.