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Kenyan Sand Boa Care By XYZReptiles

Kenyan sand boa care by xyzReptiles

Like many other things in life, Kenyan sand boa care can be as easy or as complicated as you make it so why not follow these simple steps to having a healthy and happy baby sand boa. In your search you may come up with different ideas about keeping and breeding sand boas but we urge you to get as much information as possible and then sift through the common and repeated info to find the best results. We base our information on years of experience in housing and raising sand boas as well as hours of discussion with other keepers and breeders of these delightful small constrictors.

Kenyan Sand Boa Care Components

The best way to tackle Kenyan sand boa care components is to divide them into the naturally occurring segments of feeding and diet as well as substrate and setup. You can also get into the different groups of thought on breeding and genetic variations of Kenyan sand boas but we will be covering those topics in another article soon.

Kenyan Sand Boa Feeding And Diet

Kenyan sand boa feeding and diet is a very simple and straight forward thing. Like all other constrictor snakes, by definition these small snakes are meant to eat live prey. In the wild they will eat small lizards, rodents, birds and even other snakes. In captivity they can be raised and maintained on a diet of live or frozen, thawed rodents. Most keepers begin with pinky mice and graduate up to large and jumbo mice as the baby boa matures. They are a constrictor snake and can eat larger prey size than people think. They will also take frozen thawed food as their first meal but if that is not the case, a live pinky will be a perfect starting point.

Kenyan Sand Boa Substrate And Setup

Kenyan sand boa substrate and setup are also easy and straight forward like the feeding and diet. As suggested by their name, sand boas have the ability to live and flourish in a sand bedding. They have their eyes positioned on top of their head instead of to the sides and this gives them the ability to burrow in the sand with only the tip of their face sticking out. This way they can see and breath while remaining fully camouflaged by the sand or other bedding.

A perfect sand substitute is our premium aspen snake bedding. As for a setup, a small glass terrarium or plastic container will be a fine start. An under tank heater with the use of a rheostat is recommended. a shallow water bowl and some deep bedding for the snakes to hide in will give them all they need to be comfortable and safe. You may use decorations at your discretion to finish out the habitat.

Kenyan Sand Boas For Sale

With the proper diet and proper housing you will be ready to locate the perfect Kenyan sand boas for sale at a number of locations including right here at xyzReptiles. We cary a number of Kenyan sand boa morphs including the normal wild type, anery sand boas, albino sand boas, striped sand boas and snow sand boas. Following the basic setup information and feeding information provided in this article will ensure a healthy and comfortable life for your new pet snake.

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