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Finding The Beautiful California Kingsnake By xyzReptiles

finding the beautiful California kingsnake

It is no mystery that finding the beautiful California kingsnake for sale has not been easy to do. Due to all of the captive born baby colubrids going overseas for the last few years, there has been a tremendous shortage of baby kingsnakes for sale back here at home. Some local breeders have taken it upon themselves to shore up availability by holding back babies and ramping up production. It’s due to this fact that there are any kingsnakes for sale at all available at this time.

California Kingsnake for Sale

The scarcity of the California Kingsnake for sale is also due to this production and world wide demand situation. Luckily these beautiful snakes take less than two years to reach maturity and can also produce multiple clutches so we have had a much easier time finding baby kingsnakes for sale recently. California Kingsnakes are not the only pet kingsnake on the market and the variety of different animals being bred is also helping to feed this growing demand for captive born baby colubrids.

California King Snake Morphs

Some of the most beautiful colubrids for sale happen to be California king snake morphs. A morph is a defined genetic variation of a species that is different than the wild type that is found in nature. These morphs can be color mutations such as the lavender albino or the caramel albino. They can also be pattern mutations such as banded, black and white banded striped or a mixture of the two called the aberrant pattern. When the colors and patterns are mixed together you can end up with a variety of beautiful designer pet snakes.

Keeping California Kingsnakes As Pets

Keeping California kingsnakes as pets can be a rewarding and unforgettable experience. Many of the older reptile keepers will recall how their first pet snake was a type of kingsnake that naturally occurred in the area of the country they lived in. Keeping kingsnakes as pets is relatively simple since all you need is a basic terrarium setup. They come from a wide geographical range so they have a high tolerance for variations in humidity and temperature. They can also be easily switched to a frozen, thawed diet and are also known to eat other food sources.

Online Reptile Store

An online reptile source is one of the best places to purchase your next reptile pet. At xyzReptiles we offer a variety of reptiles including geckos, snakes and lizards. We also have an expanding lineup of colubrids for sale featuring two different California kingsnake morphs as well as the Mexican black kingsnake.

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